Yes, They Still Make Chocolate in Hershey

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Philadelphia, PADo They Still Make Choloclate in Hersey PA - The Hershey Company has become one of the biggest chocolate factories in the world. The Hershey Company has expanded its operations and has several different plants around the country. They make chocolate in both Harrisburg and Palmyra, Pennsylvania. This chocolate-filled town has been around for over 150 years and has a rich history.

Do They Still Make Choloclate in Hersey, PA?

Milton Hershey was a young man with a dream to make chocolate.  His interest in candy led him to drop out of school when he was thirteen. He confessed to his mother that he wanted to work with confections, and when he was fifteen, he apprenticed under a master confectioner. He eventually borrowed $150 from his aunt to start a shop.

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, sugar, milk, and cocoa butter from cacao trees. These trees bear fruit that contains cacao beans. After the seeds are removed, they are fermented, dried, and roasted to provide a chocolate flavor. This process also makes it easier to remove the cocoa shell. The result is chocolate candy that has a recognizable chocolate flavor.

However, not all chocolate is created equal. The Hershey brand has its unique flavor. The secret ingredient is butyric acid, a substance found naturally in milk. While not necessary for the taste, it is a by-product of milk, a major ingredient in chocolate.

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