Where are The Most Haunted Places in America?

Most Haunted Places in America

Most Haunted Places in America

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Haunted Places in AmericaPhiladelphia, PA - Several places in the United States are said to be haunted. These include the White House, the Gettysburg Battlefield, the Ohio State Reformatory, and the McPike Mansion. These places have been a source of spooky stories for generations.


The White House

The White House is known to be haunted by various spirits. Some people claim that Andrew Jackson, a second president's cabinet member, haunts the Rose Room. Others have reported hearing Andrew Jackson to swear violently or laugh. There are also reports of Abigail Adams floating through the East Room. She hung her laundry in the room, and the staff claimed they had smelt lavender and wet laundry there. Many famous people have visited the haunted house. A few famous people have claimed to have seen Lincoln's ghost.

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands said she saw his ghost. Another famous visitor was Winston Churchill, who visited the White House during World War II. He was smoking a cigar when he was startled by the presence of Lincoln.

Although many people do not believe in ghosts, there are a few legends that surround the White House. One of them is Abigail Adams. In the 18th century, she married a man named John Adams. The White House was originally built on swampy land along the Potomac River. Abigail Adams often used the East Room to hang her wash. Some people even claim to see Abigail carrying her laundry.

Gettysburg Battlefield

Some of the most haunted places in America are also historic sites, and the Gettysburg Battlefield is no exception. The Battlefield is a significant symbol of American history; many visitors have felt eerie and uncomfortable during their stay there. Touring the battlefield and its surrounding town can be a haunting experience. The area has several different haunted houses, including the Farnsworth House Inn. This historic landmark is home to a dozen different ghostly spirits. One such ghost is Mary, a former nurse who is said to comfort the sick and the injured. Other haunted spirits include a little boy named Jeremy. The Farnsworth House Inn was built in 1810, and Confederate sharpshooters were known to shelter there. There are over one hundred bullet holes visible in the

Another ghostly attraction is the Devil's Den, a location where sharpshooters were hiding. This building is home to a ghostly presence and is located behind the Gettysburg Area Middle School. The Doubleday Inn is also a haunted site, and is known to have some ghostly activity.

Ohio State Reformatory

Many people claim to have encountered phantoms or ghosts at the Ohio State Reformatory. The prison is notorious for being home to violent ghosts that have forced tour guides and visitors to leave. Witnesses have reported feeling cold shivers when walking the prison grounds and hearing cell doors slam. Some also have reported hearing disembodied voices and hearing footsteps in the darkness. A local legend says Phoebe Wise's ghost haunts the prison road.

In the 1960s, the Ohio State Reformatory was overcrowded, causing conflict and diseases. It was so bad that guards were forced to double occupancy in death row cells. Eventually, this double occupancy resulted in the death of an inmate. In one case, a guard noticed that a prisoner was missing from his cell and found the prisoner's body stuffed under a bunk. The Ohio State Reformatory was eventually closed down in 1972.

There have been many documented cases of ghostly activity at the Ohio State Reformatory, including two deaths at the prison. One of these was the suicide of a 22-year-old inmate. There have also been numerous murders at the prison, including the murder of two guards. A vengeful parolee also killed the reformatory farm boss and his family in 1948. In addition, Helen Glattke, the wife of the long-time prison superintendent Arthur Glattke, died in prison in 1950 from a gunshot wound.

McPike Mansion

McPike Mansion in Alton, Illinois, is known for its haunting activity. Many visitors and owners have witnessed shadow figures, orbs, and balls of light. Some have even seen full-bodied apparitions. Located on 15 acres of overgrown land, the house has been vacant for 60 years.

This mansion was built in 1890. The Luedke family purchased it at auction in 1994 and are working to renovate it into a bed and breakfast and historical attraction. Visitors can experience the haunting at night. The mansion offers tours every Friday and Saturday night during the fall.

After Henry McPike and his wife moved out of the mansion in 1910, the mansion remained vacant for a decade. The Laichinger family rented out several of the rooms until the mid-1930s. The ghostly presence of Paul Laichinger is still present on the property.

Several people have reported seeing ghosts at the McPike mansion. One visitor claimed to have been embraced by the spirit of Sarah, a former servant of the McPikes. Other guests have seen orbs floating around the property. The wine cellar is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the mansion. Some people have heard footsteps in the cellar, and the heavy metal door seems to move on its own. A mist has also been reported to follow guests through the cellar.

El Campo Santo Cemetery

If you're looking for a haunted place in San Diego, consider visiting El Campo Santo Cemetery. It is a historic cemetery where people were hanged for crimes like stealing a rowboat. There are numerous ghost stories, and the cemetery is home to a famous ghost: Yankee Jim Robinson. The infamous hanged man is now the most famous resident of El Campo Santo Cemetery. Witnesses have reported seeing ghosts wearing period costumes and floating above graves. They have also experienced flashes of light and shadowy figures.

Some ghost stories have been fabricated, but others have been proven true. The cemetery was opened in 1849 and had four hundred seventy-seven bodies buried there. Not all of these bodies have tombs, and grave markers remain scattered throughout the grounds. These graves are prone to be disturbed by grave robbers and other miscreants.

The cemetery is situated in San Diego's old town and is visited by paranormal investigators and mourners. Ghostly apparitions in Victorian garb can be seen in daylight, and many visitors have mistaken them for park employees in costume. In addition to the ghostly apparitions, paranormal experts have also recorded disembodied voices and sounds of children.

Beattie Mansion

Built-in 1854, Beattie Mansion is a classic brick property with a grand front porch. This haunted property was once owned by a wealthy businessman who died mysteriously. Later, it served as a refuge for the orphaned, elderly, and homeless. Many people visiting the mansion have reported seeing ghostly figures or disembodied voices. There have even been cases where construction workers have experienced paranormal activity.

The Beattie Mansion has had many haunting experiences. One of the most common spirits has been Eliza Beattie, a woman known to dislike masculine energy. Other spirits that have been sighted include Armstrong and children. Some of these spirits are so powerful that you can hear them playing. A piano player has also been heard playing all night long.

A haunted mansion is one of the best places to see a ghost. It is also one of the eeriest places in the country. The former penitentiary was the largest prison in the United States. It once housed more than five hundred inmates. It was once called the bloodiest 47 acres in America. However, the prison was closed in 2004. Today, the building is considered one of the most haunted places in Missouri. Visitors are required to sign a liability waiver before they can enter.

Waverly Hills

A hospital operated for decades at Waverly Hills is considered one of America's most haunted locations. Many reports say that thousands of people died there. However, the actual number is much smaller. In 1955, the hospital recorded 152 deaths, according to death certificates.

The hospital was built in 1910 and was a tuberculosis treatment facility. Many patients died here, and in fact, it was their last resting place. In the years since people have reported ghostly sightings. Even tours and private overnight stays allow you to experience what it must have felt like to die there.

There are a few reasons why the hospital is haunted. It was once a sanatorium for tuberculosis, and patients there were subjected to horrifying procedures, such as removing rib bones and lungs. Visitors to Waverly Hills have reported hearing disembodied voices, hearing whistles, and being touched.

Bobby Mackey's Music World is another haunted place. The place was a satanic cult for a time. A boy named Bobby died in the theater in 1951, and staff members left out food to keep his ghost from bothering other patrons. Also, in the restaurant, ghostly apparitions have been spotted by patrons and employees. In addition to Bobby, a fictional character from the novel "Treasure Island" also haunts this location. During World War II, the building was occupied by the Japanese and was used by them. Local legends claim that the building is haunted by "Shadow People." Witnesses have even reported hearing footsteps and mysterious noises.

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