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American Wagyu Beef CheesesteakPhiladelphia, PA - Capriotti's Sandwich Shop now offers an American Wagyu Beef Cheesesteak. I was really looking forward to this Cheesesteak. I had known about it for a couple of weeks, but I want to wait for a special occasion.

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, Wilmington, DE.

Wagyu beef is better than other beef, and Japanese Wagyu beef is better than every other beef. If there is life on other planets, I am sure they do not have beef as good as Japanese Wagyu beef.

You may be asking the same question that I asked; Why don't we import Japanese Wagyu beef cows? We import Japanese Wagyu beef cows, but we do not raise them the same way as the Japanese Wagyu beef cow farmers.

Allegedly in Japan, they go as far as to deep tissue massage the cows every day. What makes Wagyu beef better? The Marbling. I have seen a Japanese Wagyu filet next to a USDA choice filet mignon. Without any formalized marbling training, I could tell that the Japanese Wagyu filet had much better marbling.

Friday night, I picked up Carole. We called Capriotti's to order our Cheesesteak. There was a half-hour wait, so we went to Bellefonte Brewing on Marsh Road.

I am surprised they don't have bigger crowds. They have an excellent selection of beers and plenty of seating. We picked up our Cheesesteak and went to the new Brewery in Claymont, Hangman Brewing.


 American Wagyu Beef Cheesesteak

We then unveiled our large wagyu cheesesteak with fried onions and (this may have been a mistake on my part) provolone cheese. It came on a very long roll and did not pass the eye test; all I saw was the very long roll.

The meat was good. Getting fried onions may have also been a mistake because I tasted a lot of fried onions.

I think the hardiness of the provolone cheese took away from the tenderness of the wagyu beef. I'll take the hit for ordering provolone cheese.

Capriotti's could really help themselves by having a suggested way to order your American wagyu beef cheesesteak.

I am pretty sure that 90% of the Cheesesteak eating population doesn't know what Wagyu beef is and/or the best way to order it.

We are glad we tried hangman Brewing. Fun Goth Decor and live bands, not my thing, but everyone else seemed to really like it. Fun story about Hangman Brewing, live bands, and me. Call my podcast, 732-228-3140, and I'll tell you the story.

Wagyu Cheesesteak at Hangman Brewing, 2703 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont, DE.

I'm Jim Pappas from Philadelphia Cheesesteak AdventureAbout the Author:

"I'm Jim Pappas from Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure. I've eaten over 600 different cheesesteaks in "Two Years". Call The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure podcast and let's talk cheesesteaks, 732-228-3140.

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