Baby Caribbean Flamingo Hatched at Philadelphia Zoo

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Philadelphia Zoo is pleased to welcome an adorable new member to its ever-growing family: a flamingo chick

Photo: Philadelphia Zoo

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Philadelphia, PANew Baby Flamingo at Philly Zoo - The Philadelphia Zoo welcomed a new member to the Zoo Family: a flamingo chick hatched on July 12 and the first of its species to hatch at the Philadelphia Zoo in more than 20 years!

Philadelphia's New Baby Flamingo

Indigenous to both the Caribbean and Central and South America, Caribbean flamingos often referred to as American flamingos, are regarded as 'Least Concern' by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Wild flamingo communities have dramatically rebounded soon after conservation efforts were put into practice in order to preserve the birds as well as their sensitive nesting sites.

"We are so pleased to welcome this new flamingo chick to our growing flock. After several years of preparing the flock and their enclosure for successful nesting, we are all delighted to watch the chick's development under the care of its doting parents," says Ian Gereg, the Zoo's Vice President for Animal Well-Being.

Naming Philadelphia's New Baby Flamingo

In celebration of the birth, the Philly Zoo is asking the public for help, name its new arrival. Choosing from a list put together by zookeepers, guests may vote as many times as they wish on their favorite name. Through Sunday, August 9, at 5:00 pm, just go to visit and vote for your choice.

Being that Flamingos are native to the Caribbean and Central and South America. For that reason, the Zoo staff decided to go with the following names coming from the Spanish language. Rosado: means "pink," Alto means "tall," and Flaco means "slim" or "thin."

Philly's Newest Flamingo

During its first year, the chick is going to go through changes. Starting at just 6-inches-tall, over time, the chick will most likely mature to 5-feet-tall. Following a transition from a gray fluffy down to a grayish-pink plumage, ultimately turning into a vibrant pink – the reaction to carotenoids in bird's food supply.

To find out more about this adorable little one, tune in to the Zoo's Facebook Live program, PhillyZoo@2, on Wednesday, August 5, at 2 pm to see babies' first day out!

William ZimmermanBill Zimmerman
Publisher / Webmaster at Philly Bite Magazine.
* Philly Zoo welcomes first baby flamingo in more than 20 years


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