The Anthony Bourdain Food Trail in New Jersey

The Anthony Bourdain Food Trail in New Jersey

Photo by James Perez

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Philadelphia, PAThe Anthony Bourdain Food Trail in New Jersey—Anthony Bourdain will undoubtedly forever be considered a Jersey son. Bourdain devoted his life to journeying the globe and trying different cuisines from around the world. That is why New Jersey Assemblyman Paul Moriarty suggested the creation of an official Anthony Bourdain Food Trail for the state travel and Tourism Division to pay respect to the celebrity chef.

Embark on a Culinary Odyssey: The Anthony Bourdain Food Trail in New Jersey

Immerse yourself in the rich flavors and diverse culinary landscape of New Jersey that captivated the palate and heart of the late, great Anthony Bourdain. The state has curated a gastronomic journey, the Anthony Bourdain Food Trail, inviting you to savor the dishes that shaped his culinary journey and kindled his lifelong passion for food. This pilgrimage through ten iconic eateries, each featured in Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" New Jersey episode, offers a unique window into the Garden State's vibrant food scene.

Delve into a Flavorful Adventure:

Tony & Ruth Steaks, Camden: Sink your teeth into a juicy, authentic Jersey cheesesteak, a quintessential taste of the region, at this beloved institution.

Donkey's Place, Camden: Experience the legendary "Donkey's Place Special," a simple yet sublime sandwich that Bourdain himself adored. Savor the combination of thinly sliced steak, fried onions, and melted cheese on a poppy seed kaiser roll.

James' Salt Water Taffy, Atlantic City: Indulge your sweet tooth with the quintessential taste of the Jersey Shore. Let the flavors of this iconic confection transport you to sun-soaked days on the boardwalk.

Knife and Fork Inn, Atlantic City: Elevate your dining experience at this historic establishment, renowned for its refined seafood dishes and impeccable service. Immerse yourself in the elegance of a bygone era.

Dock's Oyster House, Atlantic City: Delight in the freshest oysters and an array of delectable seafood creations at this Atlantic City staple. Taste the ocean's bounty in every bite.

Tony's Baltimore Grill, Atlantic City: This unpretentious eatery was a favorite haunt of Bourdain's. Relish a hearty Italian-American meal in a casual setting that exudes local charm.

Kubel's, Barnegat Light: Discover the true taste of the sea at this rustic seafood shack with breathtaking waterfront views. Sample the daily catch and savor the flavors of the Jersey coast.

Hiram's Roadstand, Fort Lee: Fuel your exploration of the Garden State at this roadside haven, a popular pitstop for locals and travelers alike. Indulge in classic diner fare that's sure to hit the spot.

Lucille's Country Cooking, Barnegat: Experience the warmth of Southern hospitality and the comforting flavors of home-style cooking. From fried chicken to collard greens, Lucille's offers a taste of Southern comfort in New Jersey.

Frank's Deli, Asbury Park: Step into this family-run deli and discover a menu filled with classic Italian subs and other deli delights. Taste the heritage and tradition woven into each sandwich.

Embark on the Anthony Bourdain Food Trail and let your taste buds guide you through the heart of New Jersey's culinary landscape. Each stop on this epicurean journey offers a unique story, a distinct flavor, and a tribute to the legacy of a culinary legend.

A Tribute to a Culinary Icon

The Anthony Bourdain Food Trail celebrates New Jersey's rich culinary traditions and serves as a lasting tribute to a man who deeply appreciated the power of food to connect people and cultures. As you embark on this flavorful journey, you'll savor delicious dishes and gain a deeper understanding of Bourdain's profound love for his home state.

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