Top Must See Historical Sites in Philadelphia

Top Must See Historical Sites in Philadelphia

Top Must See Historical Sites in Philadelphia

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Philly's Historic SitesPhiladelphia, PA - Philly is full of exciting places to visit; there is always something to see or do around every corner. But for every visitor to the city of brotherly love, we suggest visiting these top 3 historic sites in Philadelphia.


Must-See Historic Sites When Visiting Philadelphia

"Historic Philadelphia" is home to several museums and historical sites. The city serves as a haven for history lovers as it is home to several historical sites that narrate the saga of the American Revolution. It is where the Independence of democratic America was declared and signed, and it is also the birthplace of the Constitution of America. Nevertheless, it is an excellent place for family vacations and educational and corporate trips. Besides being a historical city, it has also developed into a commercial hub with many huge corporate houses having offices in the city.

Several sightseeing tours are conducted by the local travel agencies, which you can choose from to witness the various attractions. Philadelphia day trips are pretty popular as well as common among the visitors. The Philadelphia history tour, which covers all the historical sites in the city, is a part of day trips. Some of the historical places in the city that are worth visiting include:

Philly Visit to Franklin Court

Franklin Court was once the residence of Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America; Franklin Court is now a historical building in the city. He was not just a scientist who invented the lightning rod, bifocals, and the Franklin stove but was a mulch-faceted personality. He earned the title "The First American" and became the first United States Ambassador to France. The building has been transformed into a museum, displaying his personal belongings and other kinds of stuff. The building also houses a working post office and a print shop, making it worth visiting.

Philly Visit to Independence Hall

Independence Hall is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO; the Declaration of Independence signed the Independence Hall. It is without any doubt a historical place that dates back to 1753, where the history of present America has been written. It is also the place where the American Constitution was formed and adopted. Built by Woolley and designed by Andrew Hamilton and Edmund Woolley, the building is the epitome of Georgian architecture. Between March and December, visitors need entrance tickets, and during January and February, entry for visitors is free.

Philly Visit to The Constitution Center

The Constitution Center is one of the famous historical sites in the city, and it is the place where one gets to witness the Constitution of the country that governs it. It measures 160,000 sq ft, where the entire Constitution has been explained in detail through artifacts, high-tech exhibits, and interactive displays. One of the highlights of The National Constitution Center is one of the twelve original copies of the Bill of Rights is put on display for the public, which attracts a massive crowd of tourists. It is the first and perhaps the only institution in Pennsylvania that displays this 200-year-old historical document for public viewing.

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