Endangered Langur, Lemur and Gibbon Born at Philly Zoo

Endangered Langur, Lemur and Gibbon Born at Philly Zoo

Photo: Philadelphia Zoo

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Philadelphia, PANew Borns at The Philadelphia Zoo - This spring explosion of animal births including a critically endangered Mongoose Lemur, endangered Francois Langur's, an endangered White-handed gibbon.


New Borns at The Philadelphia Zoo

François Langur

The Must-see additions include a François Langur, born in April to first-time mom Ling and dad, Chester. Named Lei "lay," which translates into "flower bud" in Mandarin, the infant shares a habitat along with dad, mom, aunt Mei Mei, and half-sister Quý Báu, in the Rare Animal Conservation Center (RACC).

This is only the second species ever born at the Zoo, listed as endangered by IUCN.

Mongoose Lemur

As May came to a close, the baby boom continued with the arrival of a Mongoose Lemur. Born to mom Natasha and dad Ernesto, this small primate, native to Madagascar, ushered in the Memorial Day weekend.

Mongoose Lemurs share their small body size and gray fur color with no relation to the small carnivore that gives them their name. The parents and siblings Bert, Oscar, Zoe, and the newborn share and exhibit at PECO Primate Reserve. In the wild, they are threatened due to habitat destruction, with numbers dwindling by 80% over the past 25 years. They are listed as critically endangered by the IUCN.

Guests can witness the Langur family exploring their exhibit or venturing out from time to time into Treetop Trail.

White-Handed Gibbon

Born May 21st in the early hours, was an adorable White-handed Gibbon on exhibit at PECO Primate Reserve.

Born to parents Phoenice and Mercury, the infant can be seen holding tightly onto mom. So who will eventually give the little one a little more independence?

Mom Phoenice is doing a great job caring for the couples' fifth offspring. The entire family includes mom, dad, brother Polaris, and the new addition. All can be seen enjoying the weather outdoors or swinging in their indoor exhibit area.

In addition to new babies, guests can check out BIG TIME, a multi-sensory experience featuring 24-life-size. These animatronic dinosaurs transport guests back to when these giants roamed the Earth. Through evocative landscapes, realistic settings, immersive sounds, and life-like giants, BIG TIME takes guests through the Age of Dinosaurs to the present day, showing what life was like when these goliaths walked the planet.

Reserve your tickets at www.PhiladelphiaZoo.org. General Admission $24 for ages 12+ and $19 for ages 2-11; children under 2 are free. Entrance for BIG TIME is $6 (adults and children ages 2+). Members enjoy free admission to the Zoo with reservations and save on BIG TIME tickets.

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