The Founding of Philadelphia and Early History

The Founding of Philadelphia and Early History

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The Founding of Philadelphia and Early History - William Penn,The Founding of Philadelphia and Early History - William Penn, an English colonist as well as Quaker, established Philadelphia in 1682. Philadelphia had been founded as a component of William Penn's more massive American colony in which ultimately became known as Pennsylvania. King Charles II of England granted William Penn the property to establish his own colony as a way of paying off financial obligations he owed the Penn family.

 Penn made use of his new lands in America as a way to avoid religious persecution in England. Furthermore, Penn had plans to found a peaceful and profitable society with the New World, a community built on and around the Quaker belief. Philadelphia (which means 'The City of Brotherly Love') was meant to be a city of harmony together with peace. With wide streets alongside an even mixture of urban structures along with cultivated fields. Additionally, there was to be a democratic government together with peaceful bonds with the surrounding Native American Tribes.

Nevertheless, Philadelphia was actually not all about peace and religion, the city was furthermore designated as a flourishing trade center. Being seated at the junction of two major rivers, The Delaware River and the Schuylkill River, Philadelphia rapidly expanded its role as a trading center and became an important center of commerce.


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