What Does Philly Jawn Mean

What Does Jawn Mean

What Does Jawn Mean (Photo: PhillyBite)

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Philadelphia, PAPhillyBite Jawn - The term “jawn” is unlike another English term. In fact, according to language experts it is unlike any other term in just about any other language spoken. It is an noun that is all-purpose a stand-in for inanimate objects, abstract principles, events, places, individual people, and types of people. It really is a statement that is Philadelphia that is totally unique in it language.

When visitor's to Philadelphia occasionally get confused racking their brains on what the locals are saying to one another, the mysterious word “jawn” could be at fault. “Jawn” is among the city’s favorite, most prized expressions. By virtue of having no specific meaning whatsoever it can be employed to mean all kinds of things, and that in essence is the reason why it's great. One Philly resident might reasonably say to a another, “that jawn was hot” that statement, while baffling to many of the country, could be easily understood within the City Of Brotherly Love. The word has even crept into films like Creed.

How To Speak Philadelphian - Many have attempted and few have perfected the local pronunciations of key Philly terms. For example Schuylkill, as in the river or the I-76 expressway, is skool-kil. Passyunk, the South Philadelphia avenue and neighborhood, is pash-shunk and Water is pronounced wooder. Below are just a few tips to understanding the Philadelphia language.


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