2024's Winning Lineup: Discovering the Most Popular Sports Worldwide

Discovering the Most Popular Sports Worldwide

Discovering the Most Popular Sports Worldwide

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Discovering the Most Popular Sports WorldwidePhiladelphia, PA - The position on the list you will see probably will hardly surprise most of you, but there might be some surprises towards the middle of the ranking.  Read more to learn more about involving and popular sports worldwide besides the United States.

The Three Best in the World

These are the most widespread and significant sports, bringing in the most money for the players and their organizations. However, it is essential to note that these programs are not merely used to attract financial benefits. They have become the most popular sports because they are so fun.

1. Soccer

Soccer, often called Football, is the most loved sport globally, with almost 4 Billion fans worldwide. Such global appeal is evident not only in the series' popularity but in the availability of internet streams and the audience who watch it. For instance, the FIFA 2018 World Cup received a record-breaking 3.6 billion viewers and, therefore, held immense popularity as a sports event globally. The FIFA- Fédération Internationale de Football Association- is the primary governing body overseeing the sport, and it comprises approximately 211 associations, showing vast representation. England gave birth to soccer, the most played, watched, and loved sport in the United Kingdom; the sport is dominant in Europe- home to many soccer legends. This has helped players earn vast amounts of money; the current superstars in the field can earn an average of 92 million us dollars annually, rising to 130 million us dollars annually. Soccer is also the most popular game for women; most TV fans prefer this game. For example, the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup attracted a global average audience of 993 million people, 260+ million for one of the final matches, and 14.3 million in the USA.

2. Basketball

Basketball, which has been distinguished as one of the leading American sports for many years, is also among the most actively practiced sports in the world. Second only to the United States, it has an impressive 27 professional leagues: NBA & College basketball. Other leagues include Liga ACB in Spain, Liga Nacional in Argentina, and the Chinese Basketball Association. Basketball remained one of the most popular sports in 2022; it received some of the best sponsorship offers. For instance, LeBron James earns nearly $ 50 million annually through Nike, while Michael Jordan earns about $100 million. While basketball statistics and players are predominantly from the USA, several famous international players have never played in the NBA. Many of those are known, including Oscar Schmidt and the more recent Dimitris Diamantidis, Nikos Galis, and the current player Nikola Mirotic. The NBA is not only limited to the basketball court but has also grown interest in sports betting by bettors across the globe. This means that the level of interest in games, Star players, and various forms of rivalry triggers significant levels of betting interest in the market. Specifically, the fans' and the bettors' interest is drawn to the NBA championship odds, and people use the tendencies of teams and players to forecast the next winner. This continued focus on NBA betting underscores its importance in the sporting betting market.

3. Cricket

Complementing the previous three most popular sporting activities worldwide, cricket has been estimated to have at least 2 to 2.5 billion followers worldwide. The sport finds its most ardent fans in nations such as India, Pakistan, South Africa, and Sri Lanka and is also one of the most popular sports in Australia. Cricket is widely popular in approximately 15 countries, and the IPL is considered one of the most significant leagues in cricket today. There can be straightforward reasons for this: cricket salary figures can sometimes be low despite having a substantial following. For example, the initially listed 17 contracted athletes of Sri Lanka earn around $30000 per year. On the other hand, Indian cricketers are among the most rewarded globally, with an estimated $23,380 for each game.

The Most Popular Sports in America

1. American Football

Approximately one-third of Americans' viewership prefers American Football as their favorite sport and see this sport as a functional and symbolic national treasure. It also records the highest average fan attendance, with an average of 67,591, and globally forms the NFL, the National Football League. This league has 32 teams, which are divided between the two conferences- the AFC and the NFC- making it a beloved league in the United States. Also, it is worth noting that American Football is one of the most practiced college sports. Super Bowl, as a critical sporting event, is officially celebrated as a holiday and is watched by over 100 million people. As a result, the NFL is currently comprised of some of the most valuable franchises. NFL players earn a median salary of about $860,000; however, quarterbacks get a median wage of $1.1 million and an average of $5.76 million.

2. Baseball

Major League Baseball is the highest baseball level of skilled play in the United States, which was founded in 1903 after the consolidation of the American Association and the National League seasons that had a war known as the Baseball War. For instance, over the first three weekends of MLB games, 1.34 billion minutes were consumed. The impact of baseball on young American society is such that people have endeavored to provide evidence that the game evolved from America. Currently, the MLB is comprised of 30 teams and is considered the biggest baseball league in the nation, and some of its players have unimaginable wages. According to the projection, current MLB players receive $4.38 million on average, while the median income is $1.5 million.

3. Basketball

Basketball is among the most prevalent sports not only in the United States but also at the international level, being one of the most prominent team sports. In this case, the premier leagues are the NBA or National Basketball Association and College Basketball, which is apparent given that basketball is one of the few sports that originated in America. Basketball started being played in 1891, and with time, it has developed into a worldwide sport, and its players receive a handsome salary. For instance, an average NBA player's salary is $ 7.7 million per season, while Stephen Curry earned $ 40.2 million in 2019. Basketball is also popular in many countries and probably all over the world, such as Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and China, to mention a few.

The Top Winter Sports

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey, in combination with field hockey, has 2 to 2.2 billion followers across the global population, and the NHL, or National Hockey League, is one of the leagues with the highest levels of revenue density. The total NHL league revenue in the US in the 2019/20 season was $4.37 billion; the total franchise value was $653 million in 2020. In Canada, ice hockey is considered a leading sport and a famous training ground for some legends, such as Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier, who revolutionized the game. On the top list, Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs was expected to earn $15.9 million in the 2020/2021 season but had his expected earnings slashed by budget cuts to $13 million.

Alpine snowboarding

The sport became officially included in the Olympic sports list in 1994 and is among the most popular winter Olympic niches. Since the start of the Olympics in 1998 up to 2016, snowboarders have been awarded 42 medals. Snowboarding, jointly with freestyle skiing, alpine skiing, and ski jumping, attracted 1.5 billion minutes of TV coverage during the Sochi Winter Olympics in 48 territories of the globe. This extensive coverage helped snowboarding reach the highest viewership of 92 million, thus placing the snowboarding events only below ski jumping events. Snowboarding is especially favored among young people who like specific, more risky activities. It can also be quite profitable; for example, out of all the skiers/snowboarders worldwide, Shaun White is among the richest, having a net worth of $60 million.

Alpine Skiing

Annual television coverage for Alpine skiing is typically at its peak at the Winter Olympics; The 2014 Winter Olympics provided 1 374 hours of content and an estimated viewership of about 77 million. An even bigger audience was reached in the Alpine Ski World Cup of the season 2019-2020: 634.37 million viewers were in Germany. The fascination with skiing is not among today's most famous women's sports. However, skiing is still considered an exciting sport among the female population. Some of the world's best ski maids are female: Lindsey Vonn, worth $6 million, Mikaela Shiffrin, and Jamie Anderson.

The Top Summer Sports

Summer Olympic Sports

Gymnastics is currently quite popular among women and men today; however, the same cannot be said for ages past. The history of women participating in Olympic gymnastics started in 1936. Piracy highlights that the competition was analyzed into parts in 1952. Today, gymnastics is considered one of the most popular sports internationally and is recognized as a female sport. Gymnast's anticipated lifetime earnings are not very high ($ 1,252,440); the US Olympic committee offers $ 25000 for a gold medal, $ 15000 for a silver, and $ 10000 for a bronze.

Track – Track is undoubtedly one of the all-time favorite types of sport and is widely practiced worldwide. It also remains one of the favorite children's games — mainly because it is one of the simplest that a child can get involved in. Also, it is most likely one of the oldest sports, if not the oldest. As for the wages, it is possible to refer to average information, starting at $32,000 a year and climbing to $237,000 a year for athletes of such disciplines as sprints, where athletes earn significantly more (from $430000 to $1725000). From the above calculation, marathon runners get a pay ranging from $10,000 for men's field, though the women get a slightly higher pay at the higher pay bracket ($1,667-$200,000).

Swimming – Another vital summer activity cannot be lacking in the most assumed sports list. The competitive form started in Britain in the early 1800s and was primarily practiced in cities during festivals. About the present-day Olympics, swimming is one of the games that was included from the onset in 1896 in Greece. Swimming became a competitive sport for women in the 1912 Olympics held in Stockholm. The first remarkable swimming accomplishment may be linked to the first swimmer who could swim 100 meters in less than one minute. Athletics like swimming are also reasonably popular in Australia, where approximately 70,000 people are registered swimming professionals.


Therefore, tennis is one of the most popular sports in Europe and probably worldwide. Tennis has about 1 billion fans; four yearly tournaments are called grand slams, and tennis attracts high media coverage. There are no leagues. However, all the countries partake in tennis with annual regional and international tournaments by the respective country tennis federations. In addition, current world tennis players are among the highest-paid people in society. For example, Naomi Osaka of Japan won $37.4 million in 2019/2020. One might not recall tennis is among the most popular sports in the world by the level of participation.
Nevertheless, it undoubtedly belongs to the best-paid occupations. Regarding salary, Federer tops the list at $87 517, 685. In the same year, he generated $106.3 million.


Today, Golf is among the most popular sports, and it is estimated to have 390 million fans worldwide, ranking it among the ten most popular sports disciplines. American Football is one of the most well-loved sports in the USA. Also, it is known as "the rich man's game" because so many rich people prefer playing it. For this reason, Golf secures fairly good TV rights deals and thus is aired frequently even though it can be referred to as a "class sport." Besides leagues, there are various kinds of golf tournaments. Some of the recognized tournaments in Golf include the PGA and LPGA tours and the European Tour. Golf was also featured on the list of several of the most popular sports worldwide in 2020. It is pretty popular, and most people prefer to play it occasionally. Also, the golf course and club market in the United States was over $25,000 million in 2019, which demonstrates how popular it was in the period under consideration. Without a doubt, such a name as Tiger Woods can be considered among the favorites in the field, and he turned pro in 1996. He holds 15 major championship titles and has a combined amount of $ 120,851,706. Woods also earns approximately $60 million yearly from his sponsors.

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