How are the Philadelphia Eagles Performing this Season

How are the Philadelphia Eagles Performing this Season

How are the Philadelphia Eagles Performing this Season

Philadelphia Eagles
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Philadelphia, PAThe Philadelphia Eagle’s Season So Far - The Philadephia Eagles are the surprise package in the NFL this season.  Considering many believed they would struggle to finish with a positive record, they are currently one of two teams with double-digit wins and the only team with one loss. If you are a keen fan or a casual watcher, the NFL betting lines tell you that the Eagles are certainly the team to beat this season. This is how their season has gone so far and why they have been so good.

Are They Really This Good?

The first question many have is, are the Eagles really this good? The short answer is yes; they have proven to be a team that can stand up to pressure, hold offenses off, and score whenever and however they need to. Their D and O-lines are working together brilliantly, and their Special team hasn’t been lacking in any way. While there is always room for improvement, the Eagles are showing that cohesiveness and accountability are two factors that are almost more important than skill and talent. 

The Team to Beat

Up until a couple of weeks ago, the Eagles were the only unbeaten team in the league. While the loss to the Commanders may have seemed like a game that could derail them, the Eagles came back better than ever.

They beat the Colts, Packers, and Titans and got their season back on track in no time. Opposing teams are struggling to stop Jalen Hurtz and the Eagle's O-line and get that last push against a defense that always seems to hold firm when it needs to. 

Big Wins

Speaking of the Packers, you can’t ignore the fact that the Eagles haven’t got to 11-1 because they have faced easy teams. The Colts, Packers, Steelers, Cardinals, Vikings, and Dolphins are all strong teams, and while they made the Eagles work, it wasn’t enough to stop them.

While a true test of their metal will come if or when they have to face the likes of the Bucs, Bills, Chiefs, or Niners, the Eagles look like they can beat all of them right now. 

 Eagle Hurts Jalen

Surprise Loss

As mentioned already, the loss to the Commanders was a shock to almost everyone. Considering the team from Washington hasn’t been the best over the past few seasons, no one thought they would be the ones to stop the unbeaten run of the Eagles.

Jalen Hurtz wasn’t at his best, the defense was lacking, and the offense just never got going; giving up 13 unanswered points in the second quarter was a game-changer. However, the recovery is the biggest positive the teams and fans can take from that game.

Many believe the loss was necessary; it was a game that wasn’t too important and brought the Eagles back down to earth. The pressure of going unbeaten was lifted, allowing them to refocus on what was important; the playoffs and the Super Bowl. 

Strength in Depth

An injury at the wrong time can stop a good season in its tracks; whether it is the QB, tight-end, or any other integral position, a team needs to be at full strength to perform at their very best for as long as possible.

If the Eagles stay healthy and fit, there is no reason why they can’t not only make the playoffs but go on to the Super Bowl.

NFL Football

Playoff & Super Bowl Chances

As a team that is no stranger to the playoffs and the Super Bowl, the Eagles are in a prime position to do the double again this season. Considering their current record, they have to capitulate completely to take themselves out of the running.

Besides the Vikings, no other team in the league is winning at the same level as the Eagles. While other teams may have tougher divisions, the likes of the Bills and Chiefs have slipped up a bit more than some expected.

In the end, the Eagles simply need to keep this form going for the next few weeks; if they do, there is no reason for us not to see them in the playoffs and even see them lift the Vince Lombardi trophy once again.  

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