Top Ten Best Wide Receivers Of All Time

Top Ten Best Wide Receivers Of All Time

Top Ten Best Wide Receivers Of All Time

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Best Wide Receivers Of All TimePhiladelphia, PA - Within a team’s dynamic, it is essential that a high-quality wide receiver is drafted in order to start each game on a strong note. They are some of the most important players within any team’s offensive make up. 

Who Are The Top 10 Best Wide Receivers Of All Time

Successful wide receivers need to be fast thinkers who can adapt to the ever-changing game on the field and change their behavior accordingly. These are some of the best wide receivers who have made NFL history. Check out the latest NFL draft odds to see how their careers shaped the current standard for young players. 

Lance Alworth

Completely rebranding football, Lance Alworth was a huge part of the San Diego Chargers’ history. This is because he completed his career with 542 catches for 10,266 yards, as well as being named to six first-team All-Pro lists. Alworth was AFL Player Of The Year in 1963 and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in 1978.

Calvin Johnson

Nicknamed ‘Megatron’, Johnson demonstrated an impressive capacity for receiving yards during his short career with the Detroit Lions. He broke records and had the potential to become a future superstar of the NFL before he left after his eighth season. 2012 saw a record break from Johnson when he completed the regular season with a 1.964-yard campaign. 

Larry Fitzgerald

Another highly impressive wide receiver who demonstrated a huge capacity for receiving yards is Larry Fitzgerald. A key member of the Arizona Cardinals was named Walter Peyton Man Of The Year in 2016, and he ended his career with the second-highest total receiving yards in NFL history. 

Don Hutson

One of the very first wide receivers that paved the way for the future NFL was Don Hutson. Being named to eight All-Pro teams by the end of his career, Hutson stood out for his 3,500 yards. He was the first to achieve this before 1945, and was named MVP twice during his career. 

Randy Moss

Moss is another player who stood out for his athletic capacity and ability to make his movements seem effortless. Being named Offensive Rookie Of The Year in 1998, he was an All-Pro four times and Pro-Bowl six times. Moss demonstrated a natural talent for speed, energy bursts, and leaping ability which made him a highly valued wide receiver. 

Jerry Rice

Widely considered the best wide receiver of all time, Jerry Rice earned the 1994 touchdown record and was named to thirteen Pro-Bowls. Rice set career records during his twenty seasons of NFL presence, and remains one of the highest achieving players today. 


He is considered a legend within the NFL and has a highly impressive selection of career gains as well as standards that he held himself to. Rice demonstrated discipline, determination, and motivation, which were all highly instrumental in driving him towards record-breaking success. 

Terrell Owens 

Having been a wide receiver for five NFL teams, Owens has demonstrated an immense versatility and ability to adapt to any situation. He was known to be able to play with anyone, which is a highly useful and unique talent that many wide receivers would benefit from. With five Pro-Bowl Honors, Owens maintained an impressive record. 

Chris Carter

Another receiver known for his unique ability to navigate difficult grabs and secure a great deal of success for any team he is on is Chris Carter. During his career, Carter was an eight-time Pro-Bowler who was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2013.

Carter demonstrated how physical ability can be paired with fast thinking and problem-solving, which allowed talent scouts to introduce a new approach. Focusing on a player’s awareness, key knowledge of the game, as well as physical skills is part of the reason why more players within the NFL are able to think fast and adapt to new situations on the field. 

Marvin Harrison 

Harrison had a strong bond with teammate Peyton Manning, which made them an undefeatable duo during the peaks of their careers. They achieved an all-time record of 114 touchdowns and has been celebrated in the Hall Of Fame. Harrison maintained a highly impressive thirteen-year career and was earned three first-team All-Pro mentions. 

Steve Largent 

Finally, Largent retired as a legend within the Seattle Seahawks. He led the NFL in receiving twice and was named Walter Peyton Man Of The Year in 1988. Largent made sure that the records continued to be broken, and that this would increase the standard for young rookies who are at the start of their careers. 


There are an enormous amount of NFL players who have set records during their careers. Wide receivers are essential in any team’s offense, and the players above have demonstrated their capacity for athletic strength, speed, and mental agility.

Being able to think on their feet has enabled a great deal of their career records, which helps set the standard for new players who are hoping to become noticed as young rookies. Check out the link above for more information about the latest NFL developments, and watch out for the next generation of wide receivers. 

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