Top 10 Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks of All-Time

Top 10 Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks of All-Time

Top 10 Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks of All-Time

Philadelphia Eagles
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Eagles PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, PA - The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the most successful and well-supported teams in the National Football League (NFL). Even though the Eagles have gone a few years without picking up the lucrative Super Bowl trophy, they are usually a lock for a playoff spot.

Best Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks

philadelphia eagles jackson jersey nflOver the years, the Eagles have been the home of some world-class quarterbacks. Given that is the most difficult position to recruit in the NFL, having a great QB can make the difference between an average or unforgettable season. Whether you follow NFL betting lines, or you are simply an enthusiast of the Eagles, you may want to know about their best-ever quarterbacks. 

Below is a list of the ten best QBs to ever wear the Eagles Jersey:

1. Donovan McNabb

Many fans would admit that Donovan McNabb is the most important player the Eagles franchise has ever drafted. Not only was he a second overall pick in the 1999 draft, but he went on to have a stunning career with the team. McNabb was added to the team the same year that Andy Reid took over the coaching reigns. The two were the ideal combination, going into the playoffs for each of the next five seasons, winning at least one game in the post-season each time.

2. Randall Cunningham

Another great QB who played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Randall Cunningham first became a starter for the franchise in 1987. He helped the team go to 7-5 during that season and only improved in subsequent years. By the 1988 season, Cunningham was in his groove, managing 3,400 passing yards and at least 10 wins for three successive seasons. He was in the Pro Bowl each of those years and was seen as one of the best in his position in the NFL at the time. The only downside to his Eagles career is that he did not have much playoff success.

3. Ron Jaworski

Signing for the Eagles in 1977, Ron Jaworski was traded from the Rams into a team that had not been very good for nearly a decade. He did not have the greatest of opening seasons, with the team finishing 5-9. Eventually, he found his feet as an Eagle, with his best season coming in 1980. He managed to throw for 3,500 yards, providing 27 touchdown passes to his teammates. The Eagles went 12-4, he made the Pro Bowl, and they played in the Super Bowl against Oakland. Unfortunately, Jaworski had a poor game and the Eagles lost 10-31.

4. Tommy Thompson

Signing for the team in the 1941 season, Tommy Thompson was a great QB for his era. He had a great first year, made the Pro Bowl, but then had to spend the next two seasons in the Army because of World War II. He eventually returned and became the best passer in the league. The 1948 season saw him manage 25 passing TDs, with the Eagles winning the NFL Championship. He had another great year in 1949, and the team was victorious as well.

5. Nick Foles

One of the more controversial QBs to play for the Eagles, Nick Foles was signed in 2012 as a second-round pick in the NFL Draft. He took the place of Michael Vick in 2013 when the latter suffered an injury, and helped the team to a divisional title. He came back to the team in 2017, helping them to another crown in the Eastern Conference and eventually the Super Bowl trophy. Foles will always be remembered in Eagles folklore for that season, even if he was on a downward trajectory after that campaign.

6. Norm van Brocklin

Norm van Brocklin was affectionately called the Flying Dutchman by Eagles fans for many years. He joined the team late in his career, having already spent nine seasons in Los Angeles.

While many experts at the time were unsure that Norm had anything left in the tank, he proved himself a very capable QB during his latter years. He helped the team to a 7-5 record in 1959 when he went to his second successive Pro Bowl.  In the 1960 season, he helped the team to win the NFL title against Green Bay, managing to share the MVP trophy with Joe Schmidt as well.

7. Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz is the name that first comes to mind when you think about Philadelphia Eagles players who could have been so much better. He was a major draft pick in 2016 and impressed during the 2017 season with 10 wins from 12 games. However, he suffered an ACL injury during the playoffs, even though the team went on to win the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for Wentz, he suffered more injury issues in 2018 and was never the same player. By the 2020 season, Wentz’s performance was extremely poor, throwing interceptions and looking lost on many plays. The team moved him on to the Colts.

8. Michael Vick

When he first signed for the Eagles, Michael Vick was one of the most exciting players within the NFL. His combination of running and passing was brand new to the league, and he seemed unstoppable in the early to mid-2000s. However, going to prison on dogfighting charges in 2006 changed his career. When he came back to the team, he never showed the same consistency. Vick was still capable of brilliance but went 20-20 as a starter in four post-jail seasons with the Eagles.

9. Sonny Jurgensen

Sonny Jurgensen was drafted by the Eagles in 1957 and eventually took over the reins from Norm van Brocklin. He was impressive in his first year, leading the league in passing yards, TDs, and fourth-quarter comeback wins. Unfortunately, that was also his best season for the team, as he struggled the following campaign. Eventually, he suffered a serious injury and was traded in 1963 to Washington for Norm Snead, who took his place as the team’s QB.

10. Rodney Peete

Despite only having one great season with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1995, Rodney Peete is still remembered fondly by fans. He did impress in that campaign, helping the team to a 9-3 record in 12 starts. The following year, the team was 3-2 when Peete was replaced by Ty Detmer. He never got the starting job again, and eventually left the Eagles in 1999.

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