Why is Pennsylvania Known as The Keystone State?

Why is Pennsylvania Known as The Keystone State

Photo: William Penn (Pennsylvania's Founder)

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Pennsylvania Known as The Keystone StatePhiladelphia, PA - If you've ever been to Pennsylvania, you may have heard about it being referred to as the Keystone State. You probably also know it's the birthplace of America. But what exactly is this nickname?

Pennsylvania - The Keystone State

Many believe it originated from the location of Pennsylvania in the middle of the original 13 colonies. Other people think it's because of its crucial vote in the American Revolution.

While the exact origin of the nickname isn't known, it's generally accepted that it comes from the architectural term "keystone." A keystone is a wedge-shaped stone that locks other stones in place. The keystone is also used to describe the central wedge in an arch.

In the 1800s, the term "Keystone State" began to spread.  During the election of 1802 for the first presidential election in the United States, Pennsylvania was toasted as the keystone of the federal union. Regardless of the precise origin, the use of the term is still prevalent today.

While there are numerous nicknames for Pennsylvania, the Keystone State is the most commonly used. It's considered the oldest, most popular, and most frequently used.

The state's official emblem is a keystone surrounded by three sheaves of wheat. This represents the fact that the state has a strong economy based on steel and traditional enterprises.

The state is home to the world's largest chocolate factory. In addition, the Amish live in the countryside. Historically, the coal industry was a significant part of the Pennsylvania economy. Today, Pennsylvania is reviving the long-neglected blue-collar rural areas.

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