Did You Know? Mother's Day Was Founded in Philadelphia

Did You Know? Mother's Day Was Founded in Philadelphia

Did You Know? Mother's Day Was Founded in Philadelphia

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Mother's Day Was First Celebrated in Philadelphia By Anna JarvisPhiladelphia, PA - Mother's Day was first celebrated in Philadelphia more than 100 years ago, but what is the real story? This holiday honors the daily sacrifices mothers make for their children. It's celebrated on the second Sunday of May each year, and its founding was made possible by a woman living in the city. Anna Jarvis, who founded the Mothers' Day Work Clubs, is considered the woman who gave birth to Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Was First Celebrated in Philadelphia By Anna Jarvis

Anna Jarvis - a Philadelphia woman and the composer of the Battle Hymn of the Republic - was one of the many people behind the idea. Her proposal, titled "Appeal to Womanhood in the World," was a political statement urging women to promote peace after the Civil War.

In 1908, Anna Jarvis, a Philadelphia social worker and unmarried for most of her life, was determined to make her dream come true. With the help of the World's Sunday School Association, Jarvis's vision became a reality.

The holiday quickly became popular and soon gained the support of many prominent figures in the community, including local church leaders. In 1914, the first Mother's Day in the United States was officially recognized. When Woodrow Wilson signed a resolution making the second Sunday of May Mother's Day.

Jarvis, who died in 1948, is generally credited with creating the holiday. She spent the next several years fighting against commercialization, failing to keep control of it. Later in life, she even led an unsuccessful petition drive against Mother's Day. Jarvis' idea was eventually recognized, and Mother's Day was born.

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