Best Sports-Adjacent Things to Do in Philly

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Best Sports-Adjacent Things to Do in PhillyPhiladelphia, PA - For many, Philadelphia is synonymous with sports culture. While this is a sentiment shared throughout New England cities (from Boston to NYC), and throughout the Midwest (from Chicago to Saint Louis), none can match the passion and zeal of Philadelphia. 

But that doesn’t mean that locals can afford to take advantage of every sporting opportunity at their fingertips. Between the Flyers, Phillies, Eagles, 76ers, and the MLS’s Union, there’s a year-long roster of games to watch or attend. That being said, true sports fans still might be looking for even more ways to interact with their favorites. 

If you’re feeling bogged down by the incoming winter and farther away from the sporting spirit than ever before, we’ve got a few suggestions for you. They’re designed to get you into the competitive and sporting spirit without too much fuss, including both virtual and live options.

Competitive Poker (Virtual)

Whether or not you’ve ever played a hand of Texas Hold’em, there’s a huge crossover appeal between sports and professional poker. If you’ve played a hand or two before, consider registering for a platform that lets you access games at various skill levels. This should offer plenty in the way of focusing your competitive spirit.

However, if learning the ins and outs of a card game doesn’t sound appealing, then there’s still plenty of fodder in terms of poker coverage. For example, PokerStars hosts a Mystery Cash Challenge series. It’s geared towards beginners and pros alike, taking them behind the scenes at high-stakes games.


Axe-Throwing (Live)

Poker, no matter how dramatic, might be a bit too static for some. If that’s the case, then we suggest you try out one of the latest sports entertainment fads: axe throwing. Over the last few years, multiple locations have popped up around Philadelphia, including Bury the Hatchet on Washington Ave and Kick Axe Throwing on Market Street. 

Both venues allow you to book a slot with friends. In the case of Kick Axe Throwing, you can even register in a league to compete against strangers or friends. Just make sure you log in plenty of practice throws before signing up—it’s not exclusively for amateurs.



Trivia (Virtual)

Let’s explore one of the most beloved pastimes for any sports lover: trivia. Whether an impromptu conversation with friends or entering into an official trivia at a local hangout, trivia battles can last hours and challenge fans intellectually. For those who don’t want to toss a sharpened axe around at close quarters, this is a fantastic option. 

You may have noticed the ‘virtual’ tag next to trivia. Today, there are dozens of options for choosing online trivia. These cover a wide range of interests—including contemporary sports and sports history. You can seek out a platform that lets you compete against friends, such as TriviaMaker, or enter competitions for anonymous and remote players, such as League of Quiz events.


Sunday Cook-Off (Live)

One of the best parts of watching a live game with friends is the food. Even if you’re not seeing a game live, it’s common for friends to put together a pot-luck or even a cook-off for weekend games. Though not directly related to sports, food is a huge part of the experience for many.

If you’re missing out on the standard sports fare, then consider getting some friends together for a Sunday cook-off. While it might not follow the normal rhythm during the offseason, it’s one way to spend time with friends in a familiar way. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with putting on a few highlights clips or even a historical game.


Tour Lincoln Stadium (Virtual)

Lastly, we wanted to offer an experience for Philadelphia diehards. Though the website offers a limited function, fans can tour Lincoln Stadium remotely. The tour itself won’t take up your time for too long—but the software allows you to virtually sit in any seat in the venue. This makes it a great move for those who are planning to go in on season tickets. Before you book them, explore all of your seating options for the upcoming season.

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