How Philadelphia Restaurants Are Surviving The Pandemic

How Philadelphia Restaurants Are Surviving The Pandemic

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Philadelphia, PAPhiladelphia Covid-19 - Philadelphia is a dining hub and home to many award-winning restaurants. Since Covid 19 hit the world, there have been loads of challenges in the industry, one of them being indoor dining shut down. Despite things being this tough, restaurants in the city are still pressing on and have continued to offer services. This has been made possible by creativity and innovation in the way they do their everyday operations.

Six Ways Philadelphia Restaurants Are Adjusting to The Pandemic

So how exactly are restaurants making it through the pandemic? Here are the strategies they have adopted:

1. Outdoor services

Since the pandemic hit, social distancing became the order of the day. However, this was hard to achieve for indoor restaurants. The limited capacity of 25% required by Philadelphia's government was not practical. With this situation, many restaurants have decided to create more space for their customers by having outdoor services; where customers can dine in open spaces. This has ensured no customer is locked out despite the space restrictions.

2. Publicizing cleaning and disinfection strategy

The surest way to keep this nuisance disease at bay is maintaining high levels of hygiene. Most restaurants in Philadelphia have decided to be more intentional on this aspect. They are now disinfecting all places and ensuring all employees have clean face masks. This has helped assure customers that they are safe using their services. Many restaurants have gained more customers through this strategy.

3. Adjusting services offered

With lockdown, most people in Philadelphia could not get out of their houses and opted to get all things delivered to their establishments. Most eateries have taken this as their strategy to survive; even those who could not offer delivery services have been forced to do it. Most restaurants have invested in website services to ensure that the menus and customer services are accessed easily.

4. Taking advantage of government funding available

Even with the pandemic, bills have to be paid. Initially, most restaurants almost got bankrupt due to continued rent and other services regardless of having very few customers. Government funds, especially those channeled to small businesses, have come to many restaurants' rescue and kept them in operation even in these challenging times.

5. Adjusting menus

Some of the menu that was available before the pandemic was becoming hard to deliver. This has led to recipe preparation changes to make sure that the food is delivered without going bad. With this, restaurants in the city have continued to offer quality food even with the delivery package, hence keeping their customers.

6. Maintaining good customer services

Most restaurants in Philadelphia realized that their customers had challenging times and needed to perfect their customer care services. This has made restaurants here offer special treatment to regular customers; for example, offering bonuses to motivate them to keep coming back.

Final thoughts

The above measures have seen restaurants in Philadelphia stay on track amidst all the confusion. Even though things are no longer the same and may not be for a couple of months to come, restaurants here have at least utilized most of their resource and creativity to survive. Let's all hope that everything will get better and favor restaurants and other sectors in Philadelphia.

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