How The Philadelphia Zoo Celebrates Mother's Day

How The Philadelphia Zoo Celebrates Mother's Day

Photo: The Philadelphia Zoo

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Philadelphia, PANew "Moms and Babies - This Mother's Day is celebrated by all of the moms living at the Philadelphia Zoo, and this year the Zoo welcomes a few new babies.

Mothers Day at The Philly Zoo

New "Moms and Babies," including Black & White Ruffed Lemurs, Andean Geese, Sebastopol Geese, a Sloth Bear Cub, and of course, the Kira and Honi are busy gorilla moms raising toddlers Ajabu and Amani.
As a special Mother's Day message, The Philadelphia Zoo will share a special Mother's Day video showcasing all the new moms and their babies.

New Zoo Moms Include:
  • Sloth Bear: Born to Kayla, the Zoo's 7-year-old female, and 6-year old Bhalu. Debuting in March on the Zoo's new Facebook Live Program- Philly Zoo at 2 pm, the cub is growing by leaps and bounds.
    Black & White Ruffed Lemurs: A litter of two black-and-white ruffed lemurs born to Kika's 13-year-old mother. Father Huey was born here at the Zoo 14 years ago. The twins, named Mikey and Olivia, live with mom and dad as well as older.
  • Brothers Connor and Lucas, born in 2019, and Bob was born in 2018. You can frequently see the whole group bounding through Zoo360®, although the new youngsters are not quite ready for that. IUCN lists Black-and-white-ruffed lemurs as Critically Endangered in their native home in the tropical rainforests of eastern Madagascar.
  • Andean Geese: A hatching of six Andean geese in the Zoo's Bird Valley. Andean geese sport spectacular skunk-like black and white feathering at hatching, pink feet, and a short pink bill. Ready to go almost at hatching, the goslings scurry about at high speed under the protective eyes of their parents.
  • Sebastopol Geese: Six eggs hatch in April. Sebastopol geese are a domestic goose breed, initially developed in Europe and popular beginning in the 1860s. Like other domestic breeds, they are descended from the wild graylag goose native to Europe.

Additionally, Kira and Honi are busy gorilla moms raising toddlers Ajabu (born June 2017) and Amani (born August 2016).


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