What is Philadelphia's Wonderspaces

What is Wonderspaces Philadelphia

Photo: Amir Abouriche Submergence

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Philadelphia, PAWonderspaces - Wonderspaces, the experiential, interactive arts venue, will open its biggest and most significant exhibition to date in The Philadelphia Fashion District. The lineup will initially feature fourteen artworks from artists from around the world, centered on the theme of perspective.

The artwork will include, works of art ranging from a virtual reality short film about a dinner party-turned-alien abduction as well as an immersive installation made up of 8,064 points of light in which visitors wander through.

The Artwork at Wonderspaces Includes:

  • Submergence by Squidsoup - Submergence is an immersive installation composed of 8,064 single points of light in which visitors can walkthrough. The lights continuously change hues and are synchronized to music.
  • Blooms by John Edmark - Blooms is a series of three-dimensional sculptures designed to animate when spun underneath a strobe light. The speed, as well as strobe frequency, are coordinated, so the flashes occur every time the bloom turns 137.5 degrees--the angular version of the golden ratio.
  • Sun by Phillip Schutte - SUN happens to be an interactive installation that enables visitors to control the motion of the sun. Visitors can move a ball, and the placement of the sun alters to reflect how the light interacts with the atmosphere.
  • Transition by Mike von Rotz and Joost Jordens - Transition can be described as a virtual reality experience based upon the music of Kettel & Secede. As a metaphor for death, Transition will take visitors on a trek from one world right into the next.
  • Black Balloons by Tadao Cern - Black Balloons is made up of balloons with opposing weights. The artwork examines contradictions, lightness and heaviness, attraction and repulsion, materiality, and immateriality.
  • Body Paint by Memo Akten - Acting on our impulse to express yourself through movement and dance, Body Paint interprets all of our physical gestures directly into evolving compositions.
  • Come Together by Michael Murphy - Come Together is really a symbol of the power of collectivity. The artwork portrays a raised fist representing Michael Murphy’s girlfriend during the Women’s March in 2017.
  • The Last Word by Illegal Art - The Last Word is actually an invitation to talk about thoughts left unsaid. Thousands of tightly rolled pieces of paper colored red on one end and untouched on the other provide an opportunity to anonymously complete one's conversations or perhaps visit the unexpressed sentiments of others.
  • Stories of Mechanical Music by Myriam Bleau - Stories of Mechanical Music is a series, which offers an anachronistic take in regards to a music box. Every box is crafted out of a large number of CDs obtained from various cities, such as Montreal, Mexico, and Stockholm.
  • Myrkviðr by Yasuhiro Chida - A lit aluminum ring supported by numerous fishing lines. The illumination of the ring reflects away from the fishing line in an endless variety of ways based on the viewer’s location.

Following the first couple of months, the Art at Wonderspaces is going to start to rotate as the ever-changing collection will continue to present works from around the world.

Tickets for Wonderspaces are currently on sale. The show lasts 80-90 minutes, although guests are encouraged to stay as long as they want. Located in The Philadelphia Fashion District at 27 N 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107. Tickets for Wonderspaces can be purchased at; www.philadelphia.wonderspaces.com

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