5 Best Ice Cream Parlors in Avalon, NJ

5 Best Ice Cream Parlors in Avalon, NJ

5 Best Ice Cream Parlors in Avalon, NJ

Jersey Shore
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Ice Cream Shop Scoop ConesPhiladelphia, PA - One of the most memorable experiences at the Jersey Shore is going out for some ice cream, and Avalon New Jersey has some of the best Scoop Shops down the shore.

The Best of Avalon NJ Ice Cream Parlors

1. Sundae Best Homemade Ice Cream

A family-owned sweet spot, The Sundae Best sells remarkably delicious homemade ice cream without being too sweet. It comes in about two dozen original homemade flavors—a popular destination on the island with outdoor seating and extremely friendly service. 2900 Dune Dr, Avalon, NJ

2. Avalon Freeze

There's nothing better than soft-serve ice cream at the Jersey Shore, and Avalon Freeze turns out a consistent, ice-cold, ultra-creamy soft serve. From vanilla, chocolate, or twist chocolate-vanilla swirl in a cone, this place represents summertime well. It's a must-stop in Avalon. Even when the lines seem long, they move fast and definitely worth the wait.2288 Dune Dr, Avalon, NJ.

3. Buccaneer Ice Cream & Candy

Great staff, good selection, huge portions, and excellent ice cream. This palace serves up delicious ice cream with a friendly staff that gets the orders out fast. Choose from a selection of house-made waffle cones & large scoops. This is definitely one of the best ice cream spots on the island. The only problem is the long lines, but things do move quickly. 2659 Dune Dr, Avalon, NJ

4. Dip's

They have many flavors to choose from, including a few gluten-free options, alcoholic milkshakes, water ice, doggie ice cream, and, best of all, short lines. Tip: If you ask, the servers will let you try any flavor. 2409 Dune Dr suite a, Avalon, NJ

5. Nancy Lynn Creamery

The Creamery has a lovely ice cream shop, with a vast number of options to choose from. This is a one-of-a-kind cozy spot to relax on their outdoor deck with plenty of lighting. The ice cream here comes in a variety of endless flavor possibilities. 2819 Dune Dr. Ste A, Avalon, NJ

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Written By: Philly Bite Magazines Staff

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Best  Ice Cream Shops and Parlours Near Avalon New Jersey


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