Visiting Seaside Heights At The Jersey Shore

Visiting Seaside Heights At The Jersey Shore

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Jersey Shore
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Philadelphia, PA - The beach, memories of MTV, the boardwalk, and lots of hotels. These are just some of the many things you can find in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Like many New Jersey coastal communities with a decent swath of sandy beaches, this shore area is packed during the summer.


Visiting Seaside Heights, New Jersey

It can be hard to find a spot to lay down your towel on the beach during the middle of a weekend day. What else makes this such a popular place? There are more than a few reasons.

Seaside Heights is easy to get to and is within a few hours' drive of most people in New Jersey, New York City, and Philadelphia. All you need to do is get off of the Garden State Parkway at exit 82, head east on Route 37, across Barnegat Bay, and you are in Seaside.

Once you arrive, there are plenty of hotels and motels where you can find a room. Another option for accommodations is to rent a house. This very thing was the subject of an MTV reality shows several years ago. One of these was featured in the Apprentice TV show, as it had a makeover as part of the task of one of the show's teams. It was a big hit, and for several years after it aired, it drove many young people to visit.

Besides the beach, the other significant attraction here is the mile-long boardwalk. It features games of chance, arcades, amusement rides, shops, food establishments, and bars. One arcade houses a historic carousel that was built nearly one hundred years ago.

You will also find video games, pinball machines, mechanical skill games, skeeball, and video poker machines. The games of chance include wheels (pick a number!), skill games like throwing a ball through a hoop, and other challenges that allow you to take home a prize if you win. The amusement rides are split into two parts. They feature adult rides, fun houses, dark rides, and plenty of kiddie rides too.

Since there is so much to do in Seaside Heights, all kinds of people come to enjoy what the town has to offer. There are plenty of teenagers and early twenty-somethings, but there are also plenty of folks that visit with their children so that they can enjoy the beach, the rides, and the arcades. If you have never been, you should take a trip one day and see why many people visit every summer.

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