Kildare's Irish Pub, West Chester

Kildare's Irish Pub, West Chester, PA.

Photo: Kildare's Irish Pub, West Chester, PA.

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Cheesesteaks at Kildare's Irish PubPhiladelphia, PA - The curse of being a great Irish Pub, nobody knows you have food. Another beautiful fall day, for a ride with Amigo Dan, and we were heading out for an afternoon of beer and cheesesteaks.


Cheesesteaks at Kildare's Irish Pub

We enjoyed Kildare's beer and drinks so much that we decided to go back and try their Cheesesteak after our last trip.

  • 1st, we have beautiful weather, and Gay Street is open to outside dining. There are no Westchester college students around. This is your chance to actually enjoy West Chester.
  • 2nd, if you're just strolling around Westchester and don't want to commit to a big meal at one place. Kildare's has gladly welcomed us to enjoy other places' food while we sat in their outside dining area and drank their beer and drinks.
  • 3rd, there is an outside TV's and the service is fantastic. We did go in the middle of the afternoon when they were slow, another plus. I did go inside to use the bathroom, and I love the old Irish heavy wood decor.
  • 4th, the menu looks fantastic. I just read it online because we knew we were ordering the Cheesesteak, and it came with a lot of french fries.


We chose American cheese over provolone or whiz, which turned out to be a perfect bar/restaurant cheesesteak.

It's all about the right roll! This one was not a traditional roll, more like a big dinner roll, and it works very well with this Cheesesteak.

The meat was good. Amigo Dan thought it was a little dry, but it had a fair amount of cheese, and it's melted on top. Some of the cheese does seep down into the Cheesesteak.

The most memorable thing for me was the sauteed mushrooms and onions. They added a lot of good flavor to this Cheesesteak.

The Cheesesteak had an outstanding balance of ingredients, and everything in it played very nicely together.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Kildare's Irish Pub, 18 W Gay St, West Chester, PA.

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Jim PappasThe Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure -   Hi, my name is Jim Pappas, and I have eaten hundreds of different cheesesteaks in the last year. A year ago, on May 16, 2018, I started my Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure to find the ultimate cheesesteak. To see more great cheesesteak places, check out my website at The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure.

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