DiFabio's Market & Tap in Media | Review

DiFabio's Market & Tap in Media Cheesesteak Review

Photo: Jim Pappas "The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure"

Philly Suburbs
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Philadelphia, PA - DiFabio's Market & Tap, Media, PA. Philadelphia, PA - DiFabio's Market & Tap, Media, PA. It's past lunchtime, and I am hungry in Springfield, Pennsylvania. Jim's Steaks has a spot in “Springfield" and is nearby, but I'd have to go through all of the construction on Baltimore Pike, in the opposite direction of home.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak AdventureDiFabio's Philadelphia Cheesesteak Review

The only place in this area that is still on my 'go-to' list is DiFabio's, and I'll leave it at that. I am intrigued by DiFabio's, looks like a nice specialty store/deli/restaurant/bar, but no one has ever recommended their cheesesteak.

But I had high hopes for DiFabio's, so I called ahead to place my order, and a delightful man answered the phone.

He mentioned that the outside Pub was open, and there was a gentle breeze. A nice breeze, outside Pub, cheesesteak, and an adult beverage sounded very appealing at the time.

I arrived at DiFabio's, and luckily, I parked in the front because the whole side parking lot is being used for outside dining.

I noticed the car next to me had very tasteful pinstriping and their initials. And I knew right then and there I was eating at the outside Pub because I wanted to rub shoulders with classy people.

I walked in and was greeted by a very nice young man and I informed him I already called in my cheesesteak order, but I wanted to eat at the outside Pub. He gave me a drink menu and told me I could sit anywhere I want it.

I wound up ordering their cheesesteak with fried onions and mushrooms, and this cheesesteak lived up to my expectations. My cheesesteak came with the right amount of tender, juicy meat, and a perfect amount of cheese.

The cheese was melted nicely, but I am going to be a little nitpicky and wish the cheese was melted a tiny bit better. But I came with thick slices of mushrooms and big chunks of fried onions. I nitpicked at the cheese, so I'll leave the fried onions or mushrooms alone.

The roll was standard, and the cheesesteak and person making it deserves better. In the end the roll, the roll was the weak link.

DiFabio's Market & Tap: 1243 N Providence Rd, Media, PA 19063

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"I'm Jim Pappas from Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure. I've eaten over 600 different cheesesteaks in "Two Years". Call The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure podcast and let's talk cheesesteaks, 732-228-3140.

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