Christopher’s - A Malvern Neighborhood Place on King Street

Christopher’s - A Malvern Neighborhood Place on King Street

Photos: Michael Van Houten

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PhillyBite Malvern ChristophersPhiladelphia, PA - Whenever I step foot into Christopher’s, I can’t help but think that they had it right at Cheers – people do love going to a place where everybody knows your name. Christopher’s is truly a neighborhood place, right in the heart of Malvern on King Street.

Whether you’re meeting some friends for cocktails at happy hour or treating the kids to a fun meal out; there’s always a place for you here. The exposed brick and cement pilings, which are beautifully decorated with local artists creations, giving you an urbanized and modern atmosphere perfectly fit for a comfortable time spent with family or friends.

MAc and Cheese ChristiphersThe menu is a compilation of your favorite childhood dishes, mixed with the twists brought about from modern American cuisine. There is something to be said about simplistic dishes created using proper techniques, with a dash of soul added to each plate. It took my wife and I a moment to decide which menu item screamed our names the loudest, as each item made our mouths water just a touch more than the last. We landed on two dishes that are time tested specialties; meatloaf and onion gravy for myself and chicken pot pie for my better half.

The pot pie had just the right blend of seasoning, filling and sauce to bring back memories of growing up. Large chunks of chicken breast engulfed in gravy that would make your grandmother jealous, surrounded by diced up potatoes and vegetables. The flaky, buttery puff pastry crust is what really elevated their version above the rest. Meatloaf and onion gravy is a sure-fire way to bring back visions of finishing up homework while smelling my favorite dinner, bringing me almost to the point of asking my mother for help with algebra. Their secret is cutting thick strips from the loaf and tossing on the grill, adding another layer of amazing flavor. Their seasoning was spot on, meat was tender & mouth watering, and my expectations were completely blown away.

If you’re craving a good ole fashioned dinner without having to cook, Christopher’s is the place for you! Having a friendly staff with smiles on their face was the icing on the cake.


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