Acme Markets Frost Mug Cafe Serves up Craft Beer in South Philly

Acme Markets Frost Mug Cafe Serves up Craft Beer in South Philly

South Philly

The Frosted Mug Café - Looks like the Acme at 19th and Oregon now has a cafe and six pack shop. That means that you can pick up two six packs at the supermarket along with your groceries or relax with a beer before or after doing your shopping. The new beer garden severs up more then 400 types of beer's and craft beers.

This isn't really all that groundbreaking when you think about all of the other states that allow the purchase of booze in the market but considering this is the first license in Philadelphia proper for beer n' groceries it's a pretty big deal. Passyunk Post tipsters are reporting that the selection is pretty dope and that the cafe is providing both frosted mugs and wifi for in-store sipping.

PA State law mandates a sit-down cafe with at least 30 seats and tables, and this area must be separated from the store. Shoppers also must pay for beer at a separate cash register. You can buy two six-packs a once. Future plans for the South Philadelphia supermarket will be growler station, where patroons will be able to fill up on their favorite local brews .

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