How to Plan a Home Makeover on a Budget

How to Plan a Home Makeover on a Budget

How to Plan a Home Makeover on a Budget

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Philadelphia, PAWhen Planning a Home Makeover - Overhauling your bathroom can be a daunting project, especially if you're on a budget. There are tons of home makeover ideas out there, but if you want to do it right, you'll need to know how to plan a home makeover on a budget and follow through with your plans in order to achieve the results you want without breaking the bank.  Wondering how long does bathroom renovation typically take - then follow these easy steps below to start planning your own bathroom makeover on a budget today!

Things to Consider When Planning a Home Makeover

If you're planning a home makeover, there are several things you'll want to keep in mind. The first is that planning is key; if you try to tackle too much at once, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and spend money unwisely. Plus, if you plan well, your project might even finish sooner than expected! Here are five things to consider when planning a home makeover

Take Pictures of the Existing Bathroom

Before you move forward with your home makeover, get started by photographing every nook and cranny of your bathroom. It's very easy to miss things when looking at it in person, so snapping pictures from multiple angles can help ensure that you won't leave anything out. If there are areas of your bathroom you're not sure about (like behind cabinets or under sinks), take some extra time to snap shots for reference later. If there are existing items you want to keep (for example, if you plan on updating a light fixture but want to keep an old sink and mirror), photograph them as well; it will be easier than trying to remember what they looked like later!

Design your New Bathroom Layout

The first step in planning a home makeover is obviously picking a room. In most cases, homeowners start with their bathroom because it's one of the most frequently used rooms in their house. Designing your new bathroom layout involves choosing where everything will go and then figuring out how you can accommodate your existing fixtures and appliances. You'll have to put yourself in your future self's shoes: Will you still want that freestanding tub? What if there isn't room for an extra sink? Keep these considerations top of mind when designing your new bathroom layout, and you can be sure that it will be both functional and beautiful. Here are some other bathroom design tips from HomeAdvisor clients

Create your Master Bathroom Wishlist

Before you can plan your home makeover, you need to know what you're looking for. Start by creating a wishlist for your master bathroom; that includes everything from paint colors and fixtures (which you can research online) to more personal details, like what kind of shower door you want. Once you have your wishlist in place, take it with you when shopping for new products and fixtures. You'll be surprised how quickly brands match up with items from your list!

Review and Organize your Wishlist

Instead of spending hours of your daydreaming about room makeovers, it's best to first plan out how you want each room in your home to look. This will help eliminate room ideas that don't fit in with your style, and then you can focus on making choices that reflect what you really like. Some of my favorite online tools for creating mood boards are Pinterest and Houzz, but there are many more out there. The idea is just to have a place where you can store photos so they can help inform decisions later when it comes time for purchases or remodeling.

Create an Action Plan and Get Started!

Before you do anything else, it's important to plan your makeover in detail and create an action plan. After all, you don't want to spend money on something that isn't going to provide any value or even make things worse. For example, if you want your kitchen cabinets refinished and painted, be sure that doing so will give them another 10-15 years of life. If they're already starting to show wear and tear in certain places (or if there are chips in them), then refinishing and painting may not be worth it because cabinets can only be resurfaced so many times before they need replacement (which can get pricey). Do yourself a favor by creating an action plan first—and then start shopping for home improvement projects.

Have Fun, Enjoy Your New Bathroom!

Planning and executing your home makeover can be both stressful and exhilarating. It's an exciting time! You have some really big decisions to make about what you want for your bathroom—and for your budget. The idea of a home makeover may seem daunting, but with careful planning and execution, you can have fun, enjoy your new bathroom, AND stay within budget! Here are ten tips for planning and organizing a home remodel

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