6 Common Vaping Mistakes Made By Beginners

6 Common Vaping Mistakes Made By Beginners

6 Common Vaping Mistakes Made By Beginners

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Philadelphia, PAWhat Exactly Is Vaping - To the uninformed, vaping might appear daunting and confusing. However, once one learns the fundamentals and the dangers to avoid--vaping becomes simple and delightful, and one is very unlikely to ever return to smoking cigarettes.

Vaping Mistakes Made By Beginners

Some of us may make rookie mistakes while switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, no matter how long we've been smokers. After all, vaping isn’t as simple as rolling up a cigarette and lighting it–it takes much more prepping.  Thankfully, we’re here to help you avoid disappointment, disruption, or further investment of time, effort, and money into a vaping device only to mess it up! Before we go into the common errors made when vaping, let's better understand electronic cigarettes and vaping equipment.

What Exactly Is Vaping?

When using an electronic cigarette or other vaping device, users inhale vapor rather than tobacco smoke. Because e-cigarettes are as versatile as they come, veteran smokers try to find the nearest vaping shops with unique devices and flavor options.

Electronic cigarettes function with a battery. A fluid containing nicotine, flavorings, and synthetic substances is stored in the cartridges, and the liquid is heated to create a fume, which you then inhale. As a unique variation, there is even an odd vape shaped like a bear battery available in the market. The latter is why using an electronic cigarette is called "vaping."

Many vaporizers are on the market today, from covert pocket vapes to large desktop models. You may find it simple to commit some common blunders as a new vaper, but we’re here to help you smoke like a pro–even if it’s your first time.

1. Vaping the Same Way as Smoking

If you're transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vaping, you may be used to taking short, deep drags. However, this is not the best way to enjoy the advantages of an electronic cigarette. The most effective method is taking a slow, deep breath, allowing you to get the most out of your e-cigarette and produce impressive vapor clouds.

2. Purchasing the Wrong Vape Device

Buying faulty or inappropriate vaping equipment is a common yet significant mistake beginning vapers make. Numerous companies provide high-priced gadgets unsuitable for novice users.

Most vapers want starter kits or other devices with a simple design and a pull that mimics a traditional cigarette. In this manner, a portable, tiny vape with an automated draw is adequate for rookie smokers.

3. Inadequate Maintenance

There is no denying that vaping has many advantages over smoking. However, frequent maintenance is required to ensure that your device remains in great shape and provides you with the satisfying vaping experience you expect and deserve. Many newbies don't do this, and as a result, they either go back to smoking or end up spending more money than they need to on equipment.

You may maximize the performance of your electronic cigarette by following the manufacturer's care recommendations in the letter. This should ensure that your e-cig lasts long and provides a first-rate vaping experience.

4. Dry Hits

You may wonder why dry hits occur and are having trouble wicking with dry coils. The conclusion is that either the wattage is off or there isn't enough e-liquid on the wick.

This causes the coil to burn, resulting in bad taste and the destruction of your vape. Keep track of the wattage, ohms, and coil resistance needs of your vaporizer at all times.

Of course, don't forget to keep the coil topped up with e-juice and wait for it to soak in the liquid before you start vaping.

5. Having Only One Battery

If you're a smoker considering switching to e-cigarettes, you've probably had the terrifying experience of losing your lighter numerous times. Extremely annoying, the same thing happens during vaping when you forget to charge your e-cigarette, and it dies on you.

However, picking up a replacement lighter is as simple as walking into a store if you're a smoker. To prevent this, you only need to remember one simple thing many newcomers miss.

Get more than one battery! By continuously keeping a fully-charged backup battery with you, you may never have to deal with a dead device again.

6. Misusing a Vape Adapter

Due to the electrical nature of e-cigs, using improper charging equipment can quickly become a disaster. Reported problems with charging are almost always the result of the consumer using a charger incompatible with e-cigarettes.

Always read the instructions and use the charger that comes with the device. Don't carry spare batteries with your spare change or keys; turn off your gadget before putting it in your pocket or bag.


While vapes were developed to aid current smokers in quitting, the availability of different flavors has drawn new users of all ages. So, unsurprisingly, many people who’ve never tried a cigarette are jumping on the bandwagon.

If you’ve never smoked before, adapting to e-cigarettes may be difficult. Thankfully, avoiding the most common vaping mistakes above will set you on the right path to becoming a veteran vaper!

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