How to Start Growing Cannabis at Home on a Windowsill?

How to Start Growing Cannabis at Home on a Windowsill?

How to Start Growing Cannabis at Home on a Windowsill?

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Philadelphia, PAGrowing Cannabis - On grower sites and all sorts of forums, there is a discussion about whether it is possible to grow a decent crop of cannabis on a windowsill.  Some argue that the cultivation of cannabis is a whole science, and in such conditions, it is simply impossible to provide plants with the necessary light, climate, and care. Others, on the contrary, say that this is the easiest way to start harvesting your bud crop with minimal effort, money, and time. In this article, we want to show you how to grow hemp on a windowsill without risk and still get a tangible yield at the end of the cycle. It's now legal to grow recreational marijuana in 18 states, so check with your state first.

Choosing Cannabis Seeds

Choosing the right seeds at the weed seed bank like Seed Fair’s is key when growing cannabis on a windowsill. Plants are on; it is far from ideal conditions. The ideal variety for growing in a window should meet the following parameters:

  • Compact dimensions. The window size is always limited, and for the bushes to receive enough light, they should be freely located within the windowsill. For the inflorescences to receive enough lighting and the bush to remain as inconspicuous as possible for others, it is better to choose the most compact varieties of cannabis.
  • Endurance and stress resistance. The conditions in which the plant will be grown are far from ideal. The bush will be illuminated unevenly, and in such conditions, it will be incredibly difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity for hemp. Only the most resistant and hardy varieties of cannabis can survive and bring a decent harvest in such conditions.
  • Short life cycle. The faster the bushes go through the entire life cycle, the less likely they will be influenced by external conditions. It is better to give preference to cannabis varieties with a short growing season and fast flowering.

Choosing a Place for a Cannabis Pot

For cannabis, it is better to choose windows oriented to the south, southeast, or east. The greatest flow of direct sunlight is directed into these windows in the morning, and in the heat of the afternoon, when the sun becomes brighter, it moves to the west. For the same reason, western windows are best avoided so as not to burn the plants.

If you don't know which side of the world the window is facing, you can use a compass or similar app on your phone. This approach is relevant only when there are no skyscrapers, large trees, or other objects next to this window that will block the light.

If the sun hits the plant less than 8-10 hours a day, then additional lighting will have to be installed. Special lamps are suitable for this. They will provide the bushes with the light of the required spectrum. Therefore, the expediency of pre-light is determined based on the location and orientation of the windows of the apartment.

Choosing the Right Pot

The peculiarity of the window sills is that they are narrow and long. If you take an ordinary round plastic pot for growing cannabis, the space will be used irrationally. It is better in this case to purchase a pot with a rectangular or square base. It will stand steadily on the window and allow the cannabis root system to develop more actively.

When choosing a pot, special attention should be paid to its volume. Remember that the larger the pot itself, the higher and larger the cannabis bush will grow. If you have a large enough window, then you can choose a larger pot. The minimum volume in which a small bush can be grown is 2-3 liters.

Soil Mix Selection

Going to any garden store, you can see an incredible variety of potting mixes and substrates. They differ in their structure, acidity, nutrient saturation, ability to retain moisture, and many other parameters. The challenge for an indoor grower is to find the best option for growing cannabis. The requirements for a quality potting mix for cannabis are the following:

  • Rich composition. The soil should contain all the micro and macro nutrients necessary for plants, the most important of which are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
  • Optimal acidity (pH). When growing cannabis in soil and potting mixes, plants can absorb nutrients and thrive in a pH range of 6.0-7.0, but it's best to keep the pH in the 6.2-6.9 range and avoid extremes. Any deviation from the norm can cause health problems and reduce plant yields.
  • Good aeration. Hemp roots, in addition to absorbing nutrients, also need a constant supply of oxygen. Overflowing plants, too dense soil, or a hard crust on the surface of the earth after watering can prevent the root system from breathing. It is better to choose loose, light, and airy soil for plants, in which the roots will be actively aerated.
  • Purity. The soil should not contain debris, dirt, toxic substances, or pathogenic flora. All of these can lead to plant health issues.

Growing cannabis on a windowsill is somewhat different from growing outdoors or in a grow box. It requires a special approach and the use of various cultivation techniques. You should not expect a record harvest from such a planting, but as a first experience or for honing your skills in growing cannabis, this method is quite acceptable.

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