Why Live in Center City Philadelphia

Why Live in Center City Philadelphia

Why Live in Center City Philadelphia

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Center City LivingPhiladelphia, PA - Living here in Center City Philadelphia Condo makes me a happy person. I enjoy the view of the City Skyline and the cobblestone streets in Old City. Of course, I also love the hustle and bustle. Mainly, here in Philadelphia, history is something I have always been fond of. And we've got some of the best neighbors around.


Center City Philadelphia Condo Living

But there are a lot of other great reasons to want to live here in Philadelphia. Important everyday things that can really help bring happiness to our lives.

Think about it. Socialization with others is one of the most significant sources of happiness in a human being's life.

Whether it's spending time contributing to the lives of others who may be less fortunate or just talking about a common-area garden briefly with a neighbor, as humans, we need to be around other people. You rarely hear stories of overly joyful hermits who live sheltered lives alone in nowhere in Alaska, as you might see on some WHYY special.

There is probably more than one local common-are garden to talk about here in center city condo life. There is definitely more than one neighbor to talk to too.

Nowadays, folks spend loads of time working. Some studies show we are working an average of 500 more hours per year compared to about 30 years ago. That is without even adding in commute time. Add another 2 hours a day to that number, and we're not leaving much time for recreation in our lives.

That can't be good for our happiness? But suppose you lived in a Center City Philadelphia Condo and worked in Center City. In that case, you could walk to work (which would be good exercise, fresh air for you, and better for the environment). You would probably save about an hour and a half per day from sitting behind the wheel at a standstill in traffic. And as a bit of a bonus, you could meet some friends during your lunch hour at your favorite restaurant or deli right here in the City to squeeze in a little happy non-work-related conversation. It's like free recharge time!

Think of the good urban design here in the City as well as the effective public transportation. With these two great Philadelphia qualities, Center City Loft and Condominium owners spend less time behind the wheel. Neighbors, sidewalks, front porches, parks, courtyards......everything you need to be socially integrated just steps from your front door. You can easily walk to the supermarket, work, a museum, the movies, or favorite clothing store. And if something is a few more blocks away than you think you can handle or if you are carrying lots of shopping bags, hop in a cab, on a bus, or the subway. Believe me; they are not few or far between here in town.

As a long-time Center City Philadelphia resident, I am always surprised at how "small town" this big town of ours feels. It is a rare occurrence that I can walk to the gym or walk around my neighborhood of Old City without bumping into at least one or two people I know. Or the overwhelming ability to recognize familiar faces.

At the intersection of 12th and Spruce Street the other day, I was waiting for a couple with their baby stroller to cross the street. I recognized him from eighteen years ago when he was an art student. We lived in the same condo building on 15th and Spruce.

At the time. He hadn't changed much. A few pounds and a short beard later, and he still lives in town. And there is Mark and Paul, who own Zeke's Deli. They have been frying my eggs for years. No strangers there. Even the crazy lady who walks around town with a bedsheet over her head. Unique, but no stranger.

I recall first catching sight of her "one in a million style" when I first moved into the Old City neighborhood in the early 1990s. Though I do reside in a relatively large urban area, there really is a sense of community. Even if it is simply the sense, I get from recognizing familiar faces around Center City. The mailman for the southern residential portion of 19106? Same. The fed ex guy who continually blocks the small street behind my house? Same.

So we center city Philadelphia's are lucky enough to spend more time engaging with friends, family, and our community, and less time commuting to work and running errands! Bottom line, living here in Center City Philadelphia can really bring more happiness to your life. If you don't believe feature Articles, I challenge you to give it a shot. And you, too, can keep tabs on the crazy lady who wears a bedsheet over her head as a kind of fashion statement. She's not too difficult to pick out of the crowd.

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