How My Life Changed So Drastically In Over A Year And Why Yours Can Too

How My Life Changed So Drastically In Over A Year And Why Yours Can Too

Photo by Christian Holzinger

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Philadelphia, PAPhillyBite LifeStyle - It’s been about a year since I and my family moved to a new town. New surroundings, new house, and new school. Along with it came tons of new people I didn’t know, but I still acted like myself. Quiet and observant as always.


I was laughed at for being quiet, but it is the loudest people that are the lost people

And me being this way has allowed me to see people and the world in a much different way.

I don’t say much, I only talk when spoken to most of the time. I come off as ”mysterious” most of the time.

With me staying the same way I’ve always been, the same questions came. Why are you so quiet? Are you okay?

My Inner Voice

I’ve always had this voice that I wanted to let out but felt as if something was holding me back. I was the type of kid that was different but tried to fit in.

I quickly found out that I couldn’t force myself to be like another person.

After starting a new school, I saw all of the same masks that people wore, trying hard to be someone they weren’t. I gave up trying to be something that I wasn’t.

I was still going through the dark times as my 11th-grade year went on. I battled with those demons for year’s, and now I can finally breathe.

I see me for me and not anyone’s opinions anymore

It feels as if these events were meant to happen. And I’m glad they did. I regret nothing.

Always trust the process, never give up on anything. Always have faith that things will change

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