3 Things That Drive Me And Why They Should Drive You Too

3 Things That Drive Me And Why They Should Drive You Too

3 Things That Drive Me And Why They Should Drive You Too

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PhillyBite10Philadelphia, PA - These 3 things are on my mind majority of the day. I wake up with these things on my mind. These facts are what drives me every day, they are the reasons why I do what I do.

  1. The fact that I’m alive
  2. Being on the outside looking in
  3. This era

400 Trillion To 1

The probability of a human existing is very low. I’ve always wondered about this topic. And how there are so many factors behind me existing.

Every single one of my ancestors makes up me. The probability of your parent’s meeting is extremely low.

Life is the real lottery

A 1 in 2000 chance to be exact. And the probability of the right sperm cell meeting the right egg is extremely low. So the probability of you existing is basically zero.

You are thousands of manifestations put into one. So if the line was thrown off in even the smallest way, you wouldn’t be reading this.

Being On The Outside Looking In

I’ve always been the underdog. As a kid going to school in an unknown environment, it was very overwhelming. I was like a lost soul, wondering why I didn’t fit in with everyone else.

I was very different from my peers, and people knew that. That’s why I was like the underdog, the missing puzzle piece.

Too many people are in the mix, and it hypnotizes them, making them think they have to do what others do to be seen as “cool”, which is a prison.

I have always been the type to do my own thing, because being in the crowd changes a person. When you follow the path of others, you are not only living someone else’s life, but you are setting yourself up for regret.

I didn’t like it at first but I soon began to see that I was unique, and so is everyone else. Because no one is made alike.

Not fitting in helped me discover myself.

This Era

This era is by far the best era to be alive in, especially in the united states. You could have been born in any other era, any other person, or not been born at all.

You just so happened to be born in this one. There are so many opportunities, but most people would rather dwell on things that don’t matter.

I am young, but I see things differently than some grown-ups do, I see this tremendous gift we were given. And I’m not going to waste it.

Personal Brand

Everyone has a voice, and now we are able to broadcast it to the world. People before us couldn’t do this. And we can do it all for free, thanks to social media.

Social media allows us to speak our truth to the world, but social media has negatives. Social media makes us think that being famous (in the wrong way) is good. But there aren’t enough positive things taking the place of the negative.

Some people in some countries have a hard time getting basic needs for survival, like food and water. In the United States, it isn’t like that.

If you are able to read this that is enough motivation to take action. You weren’t born with any complications. You weren’t born with special needs, no amount of money can compare to that.

I’m living life like it’s my only at bat. This gift that you were given, go all in on it. You only get it once.


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