The Grass Is Not Greener On The Other Side

The Grass Is Not Greener On The Other Side

Photo by Craig Whitehead

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Philadelphia, PAPhillyBiteThe Grass Is Not Greener On The Other Side - As a society and as people we tend to jump from one idea to the next without really putting things into perspective first. And I’ve done this plenty of times in my life. It’s like climbing a ladder and seeing the end goal, but just running over the steps right in front of you.

And in my opinion, believing that things are better on the other side can lead to 2 of many possibilities.

  •  Realization of bad decisions
  • Regret

By not eating the grass in front of you and by chasing the carrot on the stick, you will realize they the ”other side” you were chasing doesn’t make you feel any different or changes you in any way.

You will realize you were chasing a false you, and that false you hypnotized you. You will also feel a lot of regrets.

You will regret not enjoying the small wins. You must love the small wins before the big wins. Be faithful in the little things. Eat your grass first.

You Are What You Feed YourselfYou Are Whay You Feed Yourself - Everyone knows that you are what your body intakes. If you eat junk and unhealthy foods most of the time you usually are going have bad health and problems. But if you eat healthy and drink a lot of water, you feel better and your body functions relatively well.


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