Chocolate 101: A Chocoholic's Taste Of Heaven

Chocolate 101: A Chocoholic's Taste Of Heaven

Chocolate 101: A Chocoholic's Taste Of Heaven

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PhillyBite10Almost everyone knows a chocoholic. A chocoholic is a person who absolutely loves chocolate. Sure, you could treat them a simple Hershey's bar but would it be even more delightful if you'd give them the best stuff - the gourmet stuff? It would just be a simple taste of heaven wrapped in that special package.

ChocolateIconThe love for chocolates dates back to 1502 with Columbus' final voyage to the Caribbean (see. History of Chocolate). Cacao beans were offered to him as a form of payment. Because he was uncertain of its worth, the Aztecs gave him a drink made out of those seeds to show its potential. They believed that this beverage was a source of energy, spiritual wisdom and an aphrodisiac, as well. They even used it to reinvigorate their warriors during battle. The bitter cacao drink was introduced to Europe and was later sweetened to cater European taste buds. It became the drink for the wealthy and the privileged. It later on became widely known throughout Europe and England.

Today, millions of people have a soft spot for chocolates. Shopping for a chocoholic is often as enjoyable as shopping for shoes. You only want the best quality. Here are a few tips to help you shop for high-grade chocolates.

Chocolate lovers often prefer dark chocolates over milk chocolates so try shopping for those. Dark chocolates often state their cacao percentage on its package. see. Bakers Guide To Chocolate Types.chocolate chocolate 30471811 1024 768

It is good if you should watch out for brands that have been guaranteed to give high quality chocolates in the market. Often, brands really do matter. It matters how these companies make their chocolates because it also determines how good their products are and how salable they are to the public. Information such as the quality of cacao beans they use and how they are roasted have an impact on the brand of chocolates you may choose.

Chocolate covered strawberriesGiving your chocoholic recipient some variety in one package would surely offer sheer delight. A gift basket of nothing else but gourmet chocolate would be a winner. The possibilities are endless. The basket could contain plain chocolate bars, fruits dipped in chocolate, chocolate truffles, chocolates stuffed with delicious fillings and many more. Of course, you could never put away a good chocolate cake as an option, would you? See, Homemade Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

The best news is you will not even have to leave your home to shop. With a great number of gift shops listed online, you can choose from a broad list of shops that offer you the best quality gourmet treats. One of the remarkable advantages modern telecommunications provide is the convenience of having these fabulous indulgences ordered online and have them delivered to your doorstep or your recipient's doorstep in the same quality as when you picked them yourself from the grocery store. You can browse on different sites that provide you good reviews on the quality of the product you may choose. People writing these reviews often stress on how the product was handled and how it would satisfy a chocolate lover. You can always take advantage on the information provided on those sites.


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