BBQ 101 Texas: The Texan BBQ Party

BBQ 101 Texas: The Texan BBQ Party

BBQ 101 Texas: The Texan BBQ Party

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PhillyBite10As the saying goes ‘Everything is big in Texas’, the Texan BBQ Party is no exception. You do not have to go to Texas. Stay where you are and we offer you swashing ideas for a Texan BBQ Party.

Texan BBQ Party will be a fun – frolicking experience for you and your guests. To be swept in the mood of Texan style party forgo the fancy flatware and get to the down-home approach. So set the stage for the Texan mood at your backyard.

BBQSAusePBStart with a dress code of faded blue jeans or head-to-spur fringe to keep the guests in a Texan frame of mind. You may bring out some posers with naughty slogans like – ‘high noon until the cows come home’ or ‘eat barbecue without a napkin’ etc. Spread a desperado décor by turning your backyard into tumbleweed-strewn dust bowl with straw on your deck or patio and hay bales for guests to sit. Cast-iron cookware, dinner bell, cowboy boots, saddles, horseshoes, bedrolls, wagon wheels, dried chilli pepper, rope, Texan flag and many more of your innovative ideas to bring the right mood. A county toe-tapping music by Texas born country artists is a must, without which it would be a big bore.

Unfold a red checked or denim tablecloth. For napkins, make some colorful bandanas tied with rope or even sheriff’s star work wonderfully at your Texan BBQ Party. Make ‘guest name cards’ to place on the tables, which makes them feel special. Add decorative centerpiece on clay pots with cactus or hide a pot in an old pair of boots and some fresh flowers in the pots.

A Texan’s mouth waters like the Colorado River for a slab of spareribs or a hunk of corn bread. The food turns attractive with mouth-watering varieties of special hot sauce. For adventurous guests add tortilla chips and funky salt and peppershakers. If possible keep the drinks in old styled washtub filled with ice.

Fun at the BBQ party

  1. Guests may be unknown to each other. Bring in fun and break the ice with a dance lesson. Invite guests on the floor barefoot or with cowboy boots for a line dancing class.
  2. Texas Hold’em is a fast and funny game of 2-10 people. The objective is to finish with the best poker hand and win the pot.
  3. Cattle Corral is steer roping. Position a pint-sized wrangler a few feet away and try catching the cattle.
  4. Squirt-gun-showdown to set a lit candle or an empty soda can and get your guests to shoot a water pistol to either knock out the flame or the can first.

Just because sun sets, it does not mean fun has to end, set up a campfire, which is legendary with Texas cowboys, and invite someone to strum a song on the six string to reach to the climax of Texan BBQ party.

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