Cannabis in Philadelphia: Laws, Dispensaries, and More

Cannabis in Philadelphia: Laws, Dispensaries, and More

Cannabis in Philadelphia: Laws, Dispensaries, and More

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Cannabis in PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, PA - Every country and city has its laws and regulations when it comes to cannabis and its use. There are countries where you can publicly smoke cannabis and not get in trouble; there are some places where you are not even allowed to mention it.

What to Know About Cannabis in Philadelphia

If you have ever attended an event in Philadelphia, you’ve probably noticed the scent of cannabis somewhere. Philadelphia is one of the cities that decriminalized cannabis possession and its usage in 2014, and you cannot be arrested for using it. Even though it is not allowed to use in public, there are a lot of people who use it. 

1. Dispensaries In Philadelphia

There are around 12 cannabis dispensaries in Philadephia. One of the latest dispensaries is Sunnyside, with 5,500 square feet. They are spread throughout the whole city (where it is allowed to open a dispensary), selling different types of products. 

However, there are many online headshops like DankStop here, which the people of Philly can use to purchase their favorite products. It is expected that the number of physical dispensaries will grow in the next few years as more and more entrepreneurs decide to invest in this type of business. 

2. Medical Cannabis

Cannabis grown for medical purposes while adhering to the standard medication approval procedure is known as medical cannabis. This sets it apart from cannabis sold for recreational use. Can it be found in Philadelphia? Yes, of course! How does it help?

Some people use it to treat chronic pain, others to treat epilepsy, and others to lessen chemotherapy's negative effects. Numerous illnesses, notably neurological ones, are now treated using cannabis.

The plant's therapeutic potential may be related to how our brains function. The endocannabinoid system in the human body already consists of receptors that control the immune system and mood.

Cannabinoids can be utilized as a lubricant to modulate nerve signals and restore the equilibrium disrupted by the disease when these receptors remain closed due to a malfunction. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol concentrations and the type of cannabis plant utilized are used to categorize cannabis-based goods (CBD).

3. Minors Can Use Medical Cannabis

It is recommended to always be very cautious while administering CBD to minors. For instance, because it is still unknown how CBD will affect children, the FDA discourages pregnant or nursing mothers from using it.

Similarly, giving it straight to infants and kids may have unintended consequences. However, there are CBD-based medications currently approved in many nations for use in treating children with severe and medication-resistant epilepsy.

It is, therefore, possible that there are some cases where CBD may be suitable for children. The best action is to speak with a reputable physician rather than experimenting on your own.

Take your research with you and have an open and honest discussion with the doctor if you believe CBD may benefit your child. When it comes to the city of Philadelphia, it should be noted that the law requires users to be at least 18 years old to be allowed to buy and use CBD products.

4. Is It Legal?

The majority of Europe and North America tend to have complete legalization of CBD. Unlike its cannabinoid sibling THC, CBD is typically not regulated, so picking a reliable brand is crucial.

Not all CBD products are legal everywhere just because they are in one location. THC, which is severely controlled in most jurisdictions, is in trace amounts of many CBD products.

Typically, rules specify a THC level below which a product containing it is allowed to be sold legally. This THC threshold is 0.2 percent in the United Kingdom and the EU; however, it is 0.3 percent at the federal level in the US.

5. It Is Unlawful For Employers To Test Employees

Since January 1, 2022, employers can no longer test employees for CBD in Philadelphia. According to the ordinance, it is improper for an employer, labor union, or employment agency (or an agent thereof) to demand that potential employees submit to cannabis testing. Therefore, using cannabis won’t affect your interview as you won’t get tested before employment.

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