Artificial Intelligence And The Threat To Jobs — Yura Lazebnikov from TECHIIA Shares

Artificial Intelligence And The Threat To Jobs

Yura Lazebnikov from TECHIIA Shares

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Artificial Intelligence And The Threat To Jobs Philadelphia, PA - When you hear the term "artificial intelligence," movies with Will Smith and Arnold Schwarzenegger come to mind, where AI threatens the existence of humanity, dominates, or takes away job opportunities.  But is that really the case? Yura Lazebnikov, the managing partner of TECHIIA Holding and investor in technology projects, shares his perspective as an entrepreneur and tech optimist in a column for Fast Company.

Threat Or Assistance In Work

Artificial intelligence is a new fear for adults, simultaneously scaring and enticing. Many people do not realize the challenges they will face if machines become smarter than humans. However, despite societal concerns, Yura believes that AI will not eliminate human jobs in the near future.

Many companies plan to use artificial intelligence to implement new technologies and optimize work processes. There are numerous ready-made programs that are used not only for entertainment purposes. For example, publishers working on audiobook versions of new books no longer need to conduct casting for readers, as voice generators can create the necessary tones. These same neural networks can be used to create voices for avatars if the concept of a metaverse develops.

Research by IBM shows that four out of five companies plan to use artificial intelligence technology in the near future. Currently, the highest profits come from projects in the following areas:
  • Vehicle detection and obstacle avoidance
  • Image recognition
  • Creating big data for patient tracking
  • Trading strategies
  • Localization and mapping
  • Creating predictive analytics for logistics

However, Yura Lazebnikov still does not see neural networks completely replacing humans. They can be assistants that optimize human work, save time, and introduce new, more complex professions.

Obstacles To Ai Development

In TECHIIA holding, of which Yura is a co-founder, there is a project involving artificial intelligence. The primary technology revolves around creating digital models of people with various appearances. This has numerous applications, particularly in e-commerce or the beauty industry.

However, the entrepreneur still sees several main obstacles to AI development:

  1. Neural networks cannot fully simulate the human brain, at least not as of today. Even with computer vision and the ability to create predictive models, AI is not a highly organized entity capable of thinking like a human.
  2. Current neural networks lack sufficient learning capabilities with limited data. Training AI with large volumes of information is an expensive process. Furthermore, neural networks cannot interpolate acquired knowledge to new situations and tasks.
  3. The significant resources required to implement such projects can hinder new market entrants. This may lead to market monopolization by major players.

Market Forecasts for AI

Regulators can stand in the way of the development of artificial intelligence. Recent significant events in the AI field include the British investigation into the cloud computing market. The cloud computing market serves as the foundation for many large-scale AI models. Additionally, there has been scrutiny of Amazon's cloud computing service, one of the major players in the market.

However, the artificial intelligence market, particularly generative platforms, will continue to grow. In January 2023, Microsoft invested $10 billion in OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT. This trend is gaining momentum.

The main drivers of sector growth are the hype, attractiveness to venture investors who were previously interested in cryptocurrencies, and the demand from large companies. The development of AI technology will be gradual rather than sudden. We will all experience changes in our lives. However, Yura Lazebnikov believes that in the near future, job loss is not a threat.

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