What is Carolina Blonde BBQ Sauce?

What is Carolina Blonde BBQ Sauce?

What is Carolina Blonde BBQ Sauce?

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What is Carolina Blonde BBQ Sauce?Philadelphia, PA - Carolina Blonde Mustard BBQ Sauce is a culinary homage to a true South Carolina classic, boasting the perfect balance between Sweet and Tangy Yellow mustards with a Cracked Peppercorn finish for an authentic Carolina experience. Use this on pulled pork sandwiches, chicken tenders and crispy coleslaw topped off with crunchy coleslaw for an unforgettable dish! Or add this mustardy condiment for added spice in potato salad and coleslaw salad dishes alike!

Though some believe South Carolina's distinctive mustard barbecue sauce stemmed from its German heritage (an increasingly popular theory), this style has spread throughout the state and differs significantly from Eastern North Carolina vinegar-and-tomato offerings with cayenne and black pepper for flavor.

When making mustard sauce for the first time, you may detect an initial bitterness due to the powder or seeds used; this can be remedied by soaking them in water before mixing; its pungent nature should diminish over time as well. Refrigerate it up to two weeks; however if thickening it up is desired.

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