How to Make Easy Kimchi at Home

How to Make Easy Kimchi at Home

How to Make Easy Kimchi at Home

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Making Kimchi at HomePhiladelphia, PA - Learn How To Make Easy Kimchi at Home and save money on your next Korean food adventure! There are plenty of simple and delicious recipes out there, but the question is: how can you make kimchi at home? Read on to find out! - Koreans use a variety of vegetables to make kimchi, from carrots to squid.

Making Kimchi at Home

The first step is to chop the garlic. Make sure to use a large clove of garlic and sprinkle some Korean red pepper flakes over the top of the cabbage.

Choose an airtight storage container. If you are making the kimchi to store for a few months, choose a quart-sized canning jar with a plastic lid. Metal lids will corrode, so plastic ones are best. You can adjust the flavors of your kimchi to suit your palate. You can make vegetarian kimchi by mixing equal parts of kelp powder and sea salt.

Cut the cabbage into quarters and remove any excess water. Then, slice the cabbage into matchstick-sized pieces. Press the radish into the mixture and cover the white part of the cabbage leaf. After this, could you leave it in the fridge for two weeks? During this time, the kimchi will develop its flavors. Remember that the longer you leave it in the refrigerator, the sourer it will taste.

Prepare the brine. Salt brine helps the kimchi ferment. It releases moisture and kills bad bacteria. It also encourages the growth of good Lactobacillus bacteria, which convert sugars into lactic acid. Cleanliness is essential to the process of fermentation. It would be best to always wash your hands before touching the ingredients and all your supplies thoroughly. Once the brine is ready, store the kimchi in airtight jars.

Add Korean chili flakes. Korean chili flakes are not the same as a fine powder. Make sure to choose the best quality. They should be bright red, not brown. Using different types will alter the flavor of the kimchi. Make sure to use high-quality, fresh chili flakes for the best results! This spicy dish is delicious and healthy!

Season the cabbage. One or two small fistfuls of seasoning should be sufficient for a quarter of the cabbage. Refrigerate the kimchi after a day or two. It keeps well in the refrigerator for about three to four days, but you can keep it for a few days longer if you prefer more spicy kimchi! Afterward, it can be served to your family.

Prepare a fermentation container. A deep-sided jar will help the fermentation process. It would help if you placed the jar of kimchi in a cool place, such as the basement. If you have a smaller space, consider using a lower cooler cabinet. A lower-level refrigerator is perfect for pickling. A simple and inexpensive jar will save you time and money! When you're ready to make the kimchi, follow these easy steps to have your own delicious Korean side dish.

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