What are Sea Scallops and How Are They Cooked

What are Sea Scallops and How Are They Cooked

Photo by Kamil Kalbarczyk

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Philadelphia, PAWhat are Sea Scallops and How Are They Cooked - Sea scallops happen to be sought after items. Revered by top chefs and diners alike, they are regarded by many to be the most desirable of the shellfish. The most sought after of the scallops are generally the largest specimens, that have a sophisticated flavor, tender texture and consistency. Scallops are best served when fresh, however may also be frozen.

Scallops are actually bivalve mollusks. Assorted members of the scallop family can be found all over the world. The edible portion is the adductor muscle. The muscle is much larger and more developed than the majority shellfish due to the fact they are active swimmers. Scallop shells are generally symmetrical, attractive and collected by seashell hobbyists. They can swim by quickly opening and closing their shells. This technique of propulsion is utilized as an escape strategy when in danger.

Commercial Scallop Harvesting

Scallops flourish off the mid and North Atlantic Coast of North America. Here scallops tend to be found in offshore waters out to the continental slope. Locations essential to the scallop industry range from Glouster, Massachusetts all the way down to Virginia Beach, Virginia. Cape May, New Jersey, Chincoteague Island Virginia as well as Virginia Beach. Scallops are trawled or dredged, and quickly delivered back to port or shucked at sea then placed on ice for the trip ashore.

Cooking Scallops

Scallops are cooked in a variety of different ways. Their sophisticated flavor and texture make it possible for an abundance of culinary techniques. For example, they are easily breaded and fried, sautéed, broiled or alternatively used in seafood soups, stews, chowders as well as salads. One of the most popular dishes calls for scallops wrapped in bacon, then grilled.

The scallops' flexibility in taste loans itself well to a variety of cuisines from all around the world. In addition to American dishes, sea scallops are actually a favorite ingredient of Asian, Mediterranean and South American cuisine. Japanese cooking applies scallops in sashimi and sushi dishes in addition to utilizing the scallop roe as a cooking ingredient.


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