BBQ 101: 4 Tips For The Best Barbecued Burgers

BBQ 101: 4 Tips For The Best Barbecued Burgers

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PhillyBite10For most of of us we think we know how to grill the best burgers and then offer guests dryed pices of meat on buns. So here are some tips to serve up the juiciest, tastiest burgers with these couldn't-be-easier burger grilling tips.

  1. Lots of Salt and Pepper - The secret to a burger with a lot of flavor is lots of salt and pepper. When you think you’ve got enough, it’s not, keep pouring. If your burgers are coming out bland or the meat doesn’t seem to have much taste other than grill smoke, this is why. It’s honestly very hard to over salt and pepper a burger. Put so much pepper on it that people will think you’re out of your mind. They’ll thank you after dinner.
  2. They Shrink on the Grill - First time grillers will form patties that look to be a good size but fail to take into consideration that they will shrink on the grill as the fats melt. For a normal sized hamburger people are used to try aiming somewhere between a quarter and a third pound of meat per burger. They’re going to look massive in the kitchen but anything less and the cooked burger is going to look minuscule on top of the bun.
  3. Only Filp Once - Flipping a burger only once ensures proper heat distribution. An amateur griller will be flipping every couple of minutes, but this will result in a loss of juices and could cause irregular heating. (Ignore this if you like really dry, over-cooked burgers.) The actual grilling of the meat is the shortest, and fastest part of the process. Heating up your grill so it’s nice and hot before you stick anything on it is one of the most important rules to remember, and it could take up to 30 minutes. Put the patties on the grill and flip them halfway through. That’s it. Depending on how hot your grill is and meat temperature preference, it should take about 5 minutes a side. And for the love of Pete, don’t press down on the patties. Sure, it makes an awesome sizzle sound but you’re literally remove all the juice.
  4. Don't Go Cheap on The Buns - The right bun is as important to a burger’s flavor as the crust is to a pizza. Don’t buy the $1.99 8-pack, try a kaiser roll or even better ciabatta rolls. Cheaper buns tend to be fluffy and dry, so doin’t skimp in the bread department.
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