7 Instagram Accounts For Food Lovers

7 Instagram Accounts For Food Lovers

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Philadelphia, PAInstagram Accounts For Food Lovers -  Instagram is one of those giant social media networks providing a platform for all niches, food is no exception! There are several food bloggers on Instagram who have managed to increase engagement on Instagram with appetizing recipes. Who knows, maybe one day you could get inspired, start your own blog, and gain more Instagram followers! So whether you’re a food enthusiast or simply someone seeking inspiration to turn your passion into a career, here is a list of 7 Instagram accounts only for food lovers.

7 Instagram Accounts For Food Lovers

1.TASTY (@buzzfeedtasty)

We’re all aware of the pop culture website Buzzfeed, and Tasty is just another sub-branch of it. Started in 2015, the account was immediately able to go viral and increase engagement on Instagram with more than 40 million followers today. This food niche account is known to display a variety of delicacies that are easy-to-cook as well as entertaining. If you’re looking for some kitchen hacks and tips to simplify your cooking, you can find them here. Vegetarian food lovers can also check out yet another sub-branch on Instagram known as @tastyvegetarian.

2.MINIMALIST BAKER (@minimalistbaker)

Contrary to what the name suggests, the account is not just limited to bakeries and desserts. Started by a married couple and food enthusiasts Dana Schultz and John, the account grew with time to 2 million today. One of the reasons why this unique account deserves a special feature is that all their recipes are cooked with minimum ingredients. You’ll rarely find a dish with more than 10 ingredients. Moreover, if you have some food allergies or you’re leading a vegan lifestyle, this food account has something for everyone!


If you are someone looking to combine taste with health, Skinny Taste is a must-follow account on Instagram. As the account is run by a mother of 2, Gina Homolka realizes the importance of healthy nutrition and the need to satiate those demanding taste buds. She is also an author of 5 cookbooks. Her account is loaded with home-cooked recipes and meal plans that you can indulge in without gaining weight. Moreover, if you are into keto, vegan, gluten-free, or a paleo diet; you’ll find tons of food content that meet your needs. If you believe yourself to be a talented chef with a knack for healthy recipes, you can get featured and gain more Instagram followers by using its dedicated hashtag #skinnytaste.

4.FEEDFEED (@thefeedfeed)

Run by NY-based Dan and Julie Resnick, this crowdsourcing account for food lovers has almost touched 2 million followers on Instagram. Thefeedfeed is one of the most unique food blogs, as they feature content from other chefs and culinary specialists from all across the globe. The account aims to connect and inspire food lovers for their mutual passion for mouthwatering food recipes. Whether you’re a blogger, chef, or simply a home cook, you can join the community and use the hashtag #feedfeed to connect with other like-minded people and increase engagement on Instagram. And for those who simply enjoy cooking for fun or the sight of food pages, their feed is a boon for food lovers.

5.CARINA WOLFF (@kalememaybe)

A health journalist by profession, Carina Wolff’s IG account KaleMeMaybe is not only witty but tempting! Owing to her delicious yet nutritious recipes, she has reached 274k Instagram and is on her way to get more Instagram followers. And her skills aren’t just limited to Instagram- you can check out her extended blog and subscribe to her newsletter for endless recipes popping in your mail. But for the instant and yummy experience of it all, her Instagram is filled with food pictures along with detailed recipes in the captions.

6.SMITTEN KITCHEN (@smittenkitchen)

As its name rightly suggests, Smitten Kitchen is one of those food accounts that has managed to gain1.5 a million followers and increase engagement on Instagram because of its mouth-watering variety of recipes. From the French Onion Soup to Indian cuisines like Gobi mutter masala, there’s rarely a dish that you won’t be smitten with! The account has managed to attract more Instagram followers from different continents because of its global recipes cooked in a simplified manner. For those looking to dive deeper into the recipes, you can always check out her recipes to try out similar dishes and make everyone drool at your home!

7.BAKERELLA (@bakerella)

No meal is incomplete without a sweet dish in the end, and no Instagram account is better for those with a sweet tooth than Bakerella! Started by Angie Dudley, the account is now verified on Instagram with more than 140k followers. If you’re interested in diving into the sweet treat of pastries, cakes, brownies, cookies, and several other deserts; Bakerella will take you on the ride of a lifetime. To meet your own cravings, you can always check out her websites for recipes and ingredients of the items she posts on Instagram. If you’re trying to make a quick decision as per an occasion, she has assorted all the dishes as per different holidays and themes like Christmas and Halloween.


It’s time to live vicariously by following these food-filled accounts on Instagram! We hope this list helps you feel inspired and satiate your cravings. Stay tuned to our space for more creative content and feel free to stop your persona recommendation.

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