BBQ 101: How to Choose An Outdoor Barbecue Grill

BBQ 101: How to Choose An Outdoor Barbecue Grill

BBQ 101: How to Choose An Outdoor Barbecue Grill

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Charcoal Grill vs. Gas Grill Debate.Outdoor barbecues are popular all around the world but which to choose in the Charcoal Grill vs. Gas Grill Debate. They are enjoyed for the camaraderie as well as delicious eating. Barbecues can be informal family get togethers or tough culinary competitions.

There is one thing they all have in common though, and that is the need for an outdoor barbecue grill.

BBQTipsPBThe outdoor barbecue grill has a cooking surface that is composed of metal bars. The bars are mounted above the fuel source which puts out intense heat with temperatures in the 500 degree Fahrenheit range. This intense heat is the distinctive feature of grilling.

Just as there are many types of outdoor barbecues, there are also many types of barbecue grills. The two most commonly used are the gas grill and the charcoal grill. They come in various shapes and sizes with a variety of features.

These types of grills are easy to obtain and can be purchased at most shopping centers. Let’s take a look at these two types of outdoor barbecue grills.

Gas Barbecue Grills - Just like the name suggests, the gas barbecue grill uses gas for a power source. See More: BBQ 101: Gas Barbecue Grills

Charcoal Barbecue Grills - Charcoal barbecue grills are the cheapest grills you can buy. See More: BBQ 101: Charcoal Barbecue Grills


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