How to Make Your BBQ Grill Non-Stick Using a Potato

How to Make Your BBQ Grill Non-Stick Using a Potato

How to Make Your BBQ Grill Non-Stick Using a Potato

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So, you forgot to buy some non-stick spray at the store, not a problem. If you want to prevent food from sticking to your grill, you just need a potato and a fork. Here's how it's done:Philadelphia, PA - Preparing low-fat meats on the barbecue can be a real pain. Lean meats like salmon come with extremely low-fat content and tend to stick to the grill grates. High-fat meats like steak and hamburger are packed with fat tend not to adhere to the grill, unlike low-fat meats.


BBQ Tips and TricksOne technique to make your barbecue grill non-stick is to spray it with a non-stick spray or oil the grill in advance. However, do you know that you could also use a potato?

Making Your BBQ Non-Stick

So, you neglected to purchase a non-stick spray, not a problem. All you need is a potato and a fork. Here's the way it's done:

  1. Fire up the grill to your sought-after temperature.
  2. Slice a potato in half.
  3. Place the potato on a fork or skewer, leaving the inside of the potato exposed.
  4. Now rub the exposed center of the potato on the barbecue grates. Making certain to cover the entire cooking surface.
  5. It is just that easy!

Don't have a potato at your disposal; you could also use onion or lemon. Keep in mind that utilizing onions or lemons will help flavor the meat; in some cases, this is great, but it might also incorporate undesirable flavors into the meal.

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