7 Quick BBQ Grill Masters Outdoor Grilling Secrets

7 Quick BBQ Grill Masters’ Outdoor Grilling Secrets

7 Quick BBQ Grill Masters’ Outdoor Grilling Secrets

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The best grill “hack” of all might be learning the ins and outs of your grill so you can grill like a pro. This means knowing how to lay out the charcoal to create different heat zones, where to put different foods on the grill, why you should use an aluminum pan for more even grilling, and when to take food off the grill.

And then there are other tricks, like:

  1. grilling juicier chicken under a brick
  2. spiral cutting hot dogs for more grilled flavor
  3. getting steakhouse-quality crust with a quick freeze of the steak
  4. improving grilled chicken wings by starting them on the cool side
  5. grilling thick steaks by starting them at a low heat
  6. poaching sausages directly on the grill
  7. making beer can chicken

Before you do all that, marinate meats in beer for healthier grilling.

Whew. If that’s not enough grilling information for you, don’t forget you can also use your grill as an outdoor oven, to roast coffee or even an entire turkey, or to make pottery.

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