Mirchi Homestyle Indian Cuisine - Mount Laurel, NJ

Mirchi Homestyle Indian Cuisine -Mirchi Homestyle Indian Cuisine - Mount Laurel, NJ Mount Laurel, NJ

Photos: Amaris Pollock

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PhillyBite10Mt. Laurel, NJ - For anyone who is a lover of Indian food, or you have an affinity for spicy foods, Mirchi Homestyle Indian Cuisine is a restaurant you must try. After all, their namesake even means Chilli or Hot, so why not live up to that distinct word.

FishThe unassuming restaurant is more than welcoming when you walk in, as are the owners Vikram and his wife Nikhila. Equally, their staff is very accommodating and prompt, extending a humbleness and elevating your patronage above all else. The BYOB restaurant is also very affordable, with a smaller lunch buffet daily during the week ($10.99), and on the weekends you can experience their Grand Buffet ($13.99) that has over 35 menu items.

We were invited to enjoy the Grand Buffet, along with tasting some of the chef’s specialty menu items. To ensure that I could give an authentic opinion of their foods, I attempted to taste nearly every food that was offered (small bites, of course.). They ranged from a sweet-heat (like the Pineapple Chicken), and the favored mild level (Chicken Tikka Masala), to a medium heat (Kondapur Chicken) or high spice level (Guntur Mirchi Bajji). I can handle the higher heat levels, and the spicy dishes offered at Mirchi brought me to the edge of what I could handle. I loved it.

All the protein dishes available to us via the buffet and from the menu were tender and laden in the exotic flavors that an Indian food lover would search for. I have been to several Indian restaurants, and to my misfortune they cater to an undistinguished palate. Mirchi will make the menu items more mild if you order off the menu, however what I enjoyed is that the buffet dishes catered to a lover of the spicy exotic foods that my love of curry and heat that I find so enticing.

Pinaple Chicken

From the desserts selection, there were items that were extremely sweet (Gulab Jamoon which was like a bite-sized doughnut that swims in syrup) to an average sweetness which is what I prefer (Strawberry Kulfi which is like Kiefer with fresh sliced fruits in it).

From the chef’s specialty items, we were introduced to Shikanji a drink that had a higher viscosity than a tea, but very refreshing. I could taste mint and a hint of chaat masala and a light sweetness. And we were also treated to Golden Pomfret Fish a whole fish which was so tender and delicate in its flavor, but delicious. Along with the beautifully presented Pineapple Chicken dish inside of a carved-out pineapple.

Mirchi Homestyle Indian Cuisine is definitely a place that I will visit again when I’m in the mood for Indian food, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to enjoy a range of flavors and dishes. If you would like to visit, click here for their website.


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