Philly Street Vendors Try to Adapt to Rising Food Costs

Philly Street Vendors Try to Adapt to Rising Food Costs

Philly Street Vendors Try to Adapt to Rising Food Costs

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Philadelphia, PAStreet Carts - After a brief absence last summer, halal carts are back on Philly streets in full force this fall. But prices have risen slightly because of the disruption of global supply chains. But while vendors are thrilled to serve customers again, the cost of ingredients and serving materials has increased. In addition to food costs and wholesale ingredients, halal carts' styrofoam trays and containers have become more expensive.

Rising Food Costs Hit Street Carts

The typical lamb and chicken over rice platter have gone up from last year to about $7 or $8, but the price point remains competitive. Despite the increase in prices, most cart workers are still paid hourly by their owners. The rise in cost may have been unavoidable. However, the affordability of these dishes is still attractive for many, and a few of these halal carts have been around for several years.

Many halal cart owners have kept their prices the same or reduced their portions despite the price hike. Most halal carts still offer chicken and lamb over rice platter for about $8, and the price point remains reasonable for most customers.

In the meantime, the halal cart workers in University City know their customers. Their chicken and lamb prices over rice platters are slightly higher than some of their non-halal competitors. Still, their food has a more traditional flavor.

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