What Online Canadian Payments Allow Minimum Deposits

What Online Canadian Payments Allow Minimum Deposits

What Online Canadian Payments Allow Minimum Deposits

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What Online Canadian Payments Allow Minimum Deposits Philadelphia, PA - Canadians looking for payment methods that allow small transitions online are comparatively few. The reason why is that most payment services apply fees, and unless a fee is smaller than the transaction, making such a payment makes little sense for the payer. This is why many users look for low-deposit payment methods, especially for online gaming and gambling. Making a payment to a 3 dollar deposit casino can be an issue without knowing the right payment services. This post discusses Canadian payment services that allow very low transactions. 

Payments That Allow Minimum 1 CAD Transactions 

Being able to send 1 CAD minimum is a very convenient offer. While few online services and products that people normally buy actually cost around 1 CAD, some merchants specifically allow deposits as small as 1 CAD to impress and attract customers. 

Online casinos, mobile apps for gaming, video gaming platforms, lotteries, and similar services attract more customers by offering very affordable deposits of around 1 CAD. However, the point is that not every service facilitates transactions as small as that. 

On the other hand, some services do allow such small payments but the fees are inadequate, and sending such a small sum of money makes no sense if one has to pay a huge fee. 

Canadians who want to send small transactions starting from 1 CAD can take advantage of the services described below. 


Interac is an online payment service for direct deposits from the user’s bank account. Interac is to be connected to the participating bank account and the user can send and receive money legally and safely using their bank account. Interac allows sending sums that start from 1 CAD. 

Few Canadian banks allow small transactions like that if the service is facilitated by the bank itself because of all the bureaucratic procedures. Interac, on the other hand, makes the payment fast, secure, protected, and convenient. 


iDebit works almost like the previous service because the user has to connect their iDebit account to their local bank account before they can make and receive payments. The smallest transaction that can be sent is 1,5 CAD. 

Again, few banks can afford to apply all their complicated procedures to only send 1,5 CAD and the fee will be enormous. iDebit, on the other hand, facilitates these payments easily. 

Apple Pay & Google Pay 

These are mobile e-wallets that can be installed on iOS and Android mobile devices correspondingly. However, one can actually install Google Pay on their iOS devices if they wish; yet, for Apple Pay it is impossible. 

E-wallets for iOS and Android are convenient, safe, and offer fast payments. The key here is that one can connect their debit or credit cards or prepaid cards so there is no need to top the e-wallet up for payments. 

Both Apple Pay and Google Pay allow very small payments that start from 1 - 2 CAD. This is the minimum transaction possible but only for deposits. Withdrawals are impossible to Google Pay and Apple Pay. 

Payments That Allow Minimum 5 CAD Transactions 

There are a lot of online payments in Canada that allow making transactions as small as 5 CAD. However, one has to pay attention to other aspects in order to decide which payment option to choose for their particular needs. 

The first aspect to consider is payment fees; some payments do not apply fees to transactions by customers, or the fees are at least smaller than the transaction itself. 

The second aspect may be more important for online casino gamblers and gamers who withdraw their winnings to e-wallets or accounts. Some payment methods, even though they are perfect for low transactions, do not allow receiving money from online merchants. This is impossible for bank accounts (unless they are facilitated by additional services), credit and debit cards like Visa and Mastercard, or vouchers like Neosurf. 

The third aspect has to do with debit and credit cards. Some merchants like online casinos do not accept credit cards. Only debit cards are allowed for payments. This is the rule because online services prefer to stimulate their users to only pay the money they own and can afford to lose. 


Visa is a typical payment service of choice for most Canadian users. It is safe and reliable, the transactions are fast and protected, and the fees are very adequate. Visa applies fees based on the percentage of each particular payment. Deposits made with Visa cards are instant, and even withdrawals are sometimes possible from certain websites. 


Mastercard works pretty much like Visa does. It allows deposits to the majority of merchants and online platforms, and in some cases, withdrawals are also possible. The fees are calculated based on the transaction size; a small transaction only takes a small fee for processing. 

Mastercard processes the majority of payments within one business day; if you request withdrawal of funds to a Mastercard card, it can take from 3 to 5 business days. However, even small withdrawals can be received. 


Paysafecard is a prepaid card that also works like an e-wallet. Paysafecard allows small payments and facilitates them quickly and safely. Users can top their prepaid cards up and pay in a convenient way. Moreover, Paysafecard allows withdrawals to the prepaid card. This is the reason why Paysafecard is frequently included in the payment lists of online merchants. 


There are two variations of Neosurf. One is a prepaid voucher that can be bought from an offline retailer or online. Vouchers allow fast and low payments online and security and anonymity are provided with the help of unique codes on each voucher. Unfortunately, one cannot withdraw any money on their vouchers. 

On the other hand, there is My Neosurf e-wallet that can be connected to a card or bank account and topped up for payments. Neosurf e-wallet allows withdrawals from online merchants, including online casinos and gaming apps. 


This is one of the newer payment methods available exclusively for mobile devices. Muchbetter is flexible and has a sleek intuitive interface. It can be topped up from any e-wallet or account for convenient payments online. Small transactions are possible and the fees are very moderate. 

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