Philadelphia Ranks 10th Best Casual Dating City

Philadelphia Ranks 10th Best Casual Dating City

Philadelphia Ranks 10th Best Casual Dating City (Photo by

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Philadelphia, PAPhillyBite 10th Best Casual Dating City Philadelphia - When it comes to casual dating, the female to male ratio is roughly 1:6, depending on the city. Certain locations are buzzing with single women. Popular free dating app Wild, which has already attracted over 700,000 singes and verified approximately 500,000 users worldwide, has carried a survey among their users of the top 10 cities where women are more likely to have casual dating in the US.

Philadelphia is One of the Best Cities For Dating

10. Philadelphia - According to Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia has 1,074 single ladies for every 1,000 single men, a whopping 7.4% more women than men. Philly may benefit from a rich arts culture; with its amazing museums like the Barnes collection, affordable rent, and many bars and restaurants, it's not hard to get an exciting date with a difference.

9. San Antonio - This Texas city has a lot to offer, full of charm - just like the women here. It may not have many restaurants and cafes per capita as other cities, but with 300 days of sunshine, singles can find outdoor hot spots for love to blossom, just a casual summer's day and date.

8. Miami - Miami is full of stunning men and women. It's known for its casual dating scene. Most people are interested in finding someone who is ok with only staying out until the early hours of the morning or spending a day on a boat. If that is your thing, Miami is just the ticket.

7. Phoenix - From lawyers and college students to professors and artists, Phoenix is home to tons of people from varying walks of life. With 1.5 million people in this city, it's hardly surprising singles, especially women, are taking online dating to overcome the task of finding a date.

6. Atlanta - Based on U.S. Census data, Atlanta has a female-heavy population, 80,000 more single women than single men. Add to that, Atlanta has multiple nightlife areas, providing plenty of places to go and enjoy for singletons.

5. Las Vegas - Dating is tough everywhere, and with Las Vegas's fantasy-like atmosphere, it can feel twice as hard. But it has no shortage of things to do on a night out. The population of singles, plus the number of tourists from all over the world, mixes to create one of the most interesting cities on the list.

4. Houston - Thrillist's new survey shows that Houston has almost 5% more women than men. The odds of finding a casual date here are excellent. Be sure to have cash for the ride home the morning after, as it's known as one of America's most sprawling cities.

3. Chicago - Chicago, once again, thanks to its crazy buzzing bar scene, is an easy city to enjoy. Add to the mix 63% of unmarried people; it makes for a fun city.

2. Los Angeles - This city is popular because singles flock to Los Angeles in search of love, passion, or whatever they can get. It is easy to find someone who is connected to Hollywood. The lure of wanting to date someone 'in the industry is strong.

1. New York - This buzzing city is full of singles. According to statistics, around 40% of the population is single, with a whopping 15.9% more ladies than gents. New York is absolutely the best place to look for a casual date.

According to the list of cities on the map from Wild's research, most are near the sea, providing more opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities or a casual date.


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