The Art Of Poker In Movies | The Nuances Of The Game On Screen

The Art Of Poker In Movies

The Art Of Poker In Movies

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Philadelphia, PAThe Art Of Poker In Movies - Movies have long used poker as a sub-plot when telling a story on the big screen, with the game being a great way for filmmakers to help try and provide audiences with a range of different emotions.

The Art Of Poker In Movies: An Examination Of How Filmmakers Capture The Nuances Of The Game On Screen

Indeed, while many may immediately associate it as an iconic casino game and one that involves wagering, there is a lot more that can be experienced from this classic title. For instance, individuals can go through a rollercoaster of emotions when playing or just watching what happens, while movies have also helped to highlight how the game can be played as many of its nuances are displayed and how they can be used effectively.

Nonetheless, conveying this across the big screen can be an exceptionally hard task. Many filmmakers attempt to try and capture each of the nuances of the game whenever they use it as a part of the movie being created but do not always do it justice. However, with that said, there are a large number of directors that have managed to do this brilliantly, with some of them having created some of the most iconic poker scenes to have ever been witnessed in the cinema around the world.

Huge Focus on Nonverbal Communication

Poker is a game that can typically cause tension because of how quietly it is played. The only time you may hear verbal communication is when players decide to call, although some may just tap the table, while the dealer may be the only other to speak.

As a result of the tension that can be caused, filmmakers have looked to capitalize on this aspect as they recognize this is something that can also be replicated with audiences. There have been movie scenes to have been created in the past that have left many feeling tense about what might happen, as they do not know what the outcome of the game will be.

Moreover, the focus on nonverbal communication perhaps also resonates with those that have taken to the digital version of the game. With poker now accessible and playable online, more and more gamers now enjoy the game without any communication as they look to keep their hand hidden and not reveal anything that could potentially give them away. With filmmakers focusing on nonverbal communication, players will find the kind of tension being experienced relatable.

Making Everything Look As Real As Possible

One thing movie enthusiasts and those that create the films that hit Hollywood and elsewhere continue to strive for is realism. Unless the movie genre is typically known to be fantasy-based, realism and realistic moments are something that everyone wants to see.

Movies that feature poker are no different. Viewers want to be able to feel as though they are part of the action and essentially standing around the table as the game is being played. One way in which filmmakers bring this aspect to life is by using the latest technologies and by employing the best people who can make this happen.

Cinematographers and camera operators are more skilled than ever, as they have been able to utilize new cameras and approach filming in new ways, such as using new angles that were perhaps impossible to obtain. These new technologies available now allow viewers to be able to see everything - from single droplets of sweat to slight frowns and other facial expressions - which can help the scene feel as real and authentic as possible.

Using the Best Actors

While it may sound obvious, filmmakers are now looking at utilizing the best actors possible to help portray the nuances of poker in the best way. One way that they have managed to do this is to get actors that know the game and have experience of playing it themself.

By doing this, the actor can get into the character and provide a true and realistic experience of how the game should be played or how a certain outcome might leave a player feeling when sat at the table.


There is no denying that filmmakers who decide to use poker as part of the story of the film that they create have a challenging task. Indeed, with all of the nuances that are part of the game to be considered, there is a lot that they need to do to achieve success. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that some directors are able to give audiences the most authentic and realistic gameplay experiences possible.

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