13 Reasons to Invest in Blue World City

13 Reasons to Invest in Blue World City

13 Reasons to Invest in Blue World City

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Philadelphia, PAReasons to Invest in Blue World City - Blue World City (BWC) is an exquisite jewel embellished in the heart of Islamabad. The residential society was designed and established by the reputed urbanist Blue Group of Companies. The housing scheme location is near Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2) next to Chakri Interchange and the newly proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR). 

BWC is a contemporary-themed architecture spanning over 5000 Kanal developed in the most prestigious neighborhood of Islamabad. The residential society offers the most versatile and economical property types. The housing scheme is a cutting-edge development offering its investors world-class amenities.

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The residential development possesses all the persuasive qualities that make it a high-yielding investment opportunity. Making a financial commitment for an extended period might seem challenging but is rewarding in the long term. If you are still deciding whether to put your money in the residential society, then below we will provide you with “13 reasons to invest in Blue World City”.

13 Reasons to Invest in Blue World City

Blue World City is the very first purpose-built tourist and sports-oriented destination. The residential society is an outstanding opportunity for investors who want to earn the highest profits on small funds.  

Below are the 13 most promising reasons to invest in the residential society:

Reliable Owner and Developers

The owners and developers of Blue World City are some of the very renowned names in local and international markets. The housing complex is launched by Blue Group of Companies (BGC) in collaboration with China-based Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. 

The construction group, BGC, is owned by reputed entrepreneur Mr Saad Nazir. The residential society is the most successful of the BGC-IGC Consortium, aiming to boost tourism in the country by establishing excellent tourist destinations. 

Mr. Nazir is a famous business figure that has made worthwhile additions to national economic prosperity. BGC has introduced many innovative residential/commercial projects creating new business and employment opportunities in Pakistan. 

The award-winning development group has gained experience in different sectors of the country, including property, media, and technology. The reliable and world-renowned developers are a solid reason to invest in BWC. 

Prime Location 

The location of Blue World City is prime as it is located next to the Chakri Road Interchange and the newly proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. The residential society is developed in the serene and breathtaking views of Margalla Hills. 

The housing scheme has direct access from Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2), making it highly accessible for residents of the twin cities. BGC has strategically chosen the location of its project, keeping it in the growing residential and commercial hub of Islamabad. 

The residential society is neighboring some of Islamabad’s prominent housing schemes and landmarks, including Mumtaz City, University Town, Capital Smart City, and Bahria Town Phase I. The serene and exclusive location of BWC is one of the most striking features that has attracted many investors.

Below is a convenient map of the residential society:


Below are some of the accessibility points of Blue World City:

  • Right next to the Chakri road and Chakri Interchange

  • Almost 3 min drive to Sihal, Chountra Road

  • Almost 13 min drive to Chakri M-2 Toll Plaza

  • Almost 29 min drive to Parial Hunting Club

  • Almost 31 min drive to New Islamabad Airport 

Nearby Landmarks and Places:

Following are the nearby landmarks and places of the residential society:

  • Islamabad

  • Rawalpindi

  • Mumtaz City

  • University Town

  • Capital Smart City

  • Bahria Town Phase, Islamabad

  • New International Islamabad Airport

  • Defense Housing Authority, Islamabad

Well-designed Masterplan

The master plan of Blue World City is proficiently designed by the professional and skilful team of BGC. The residential society is a major-worth development that spans over 5000 Kanal of Islamabad’s most premium land. The layout plans include a gated community with 120-foot-wide Main Boulevard, 80-foot-wide main roads, and 40-foot-wide streets.

The residential society is equipped with modern-day amenities and facilities to provide the ultimate living experience. It is divided into various blocks that offer the most versatile property range. The housing scheme’s well-designed layout plan is another key feature that makes it a must-avail investment opportunity. 

Blue World City Blocks

Following are the name of blocks available in BWC:

  • BWC General Block
  • BWC Executive Block
  • BWC Waterfront Block
  • BWC Overseas Block
  • BWC Overseas Executive Block
  • BWC Awami Villas Complex
  • BWC Orbital Flats
  • BWC Hills Farm Houses
  • BWC Serene Villas 
  • BWC Hollywood Blocks

Avant-garde Architecture

Blue World City has avant-garde architecture constructed by a renowned urban planner. The residential society is a state-of-the-art development home to many replicas of famous tourist destinations, including Burj Al Arab, Blue Mosque Istanbul, the world’s tallest Horse Mascot, and Rumi’s Square. The housing scheme architecture also includes Water Theme Park and the Hilltop 5-star hotel.

The residential society’s architectural design is to achieve an eco-friendly environment while maintaining International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS). Every single Block of BWC possesses unique features and architectural wonders created by the most determined and proficient team of architects. The exquisite infrastructure of another great reason to invest in the housing scheme.

Economical Payment plan  

The payment plan of Blue World City is thoughtfully designed, keeping it within reach of every investor. The residential society is offering 2 to 4.5 years affordable price plans. The owners have kept a low mortgage rate so investors can book their desired property by paying a small 15 to 25% down payment fee. 

The residential society also offers its client an installment plan that allows them to pay their remaining amount in flexible monthly or annual installments. Some additional possession and balloting charging are also added to the payment plan. 

Investors who want to book plots near boulevards 50 feet and above, corner or park-facing, will have to pay a 10% extra charge. The housing scheme has levied a 0.1% surcharge daily in case of late payment of installments dues. 

The residential society is a haven for investors to get the most premium commercial and residential property options at a pocket-friendly price range. The affordability of BWC is one of the most convening reasons to invest in the project. 

Below we have shared payment plans for some of the most attractive commercial and residential investment choices available in Blue World City:

BWC Overseas Block 

Following are the details about the BWC Overseas Block payment plan:

7 Marla Residential Plots

  • 7 Marla plots are offered at a total price of Rs.1,925,000/- 
  • Down Payment is offered at Rs.192,000/-
  • Confirmation is offered at Rs.96,250/-
  • 40 monthly instalments are Rs.19,250 /-
  • 8 Half-yearly instalments are Rs.96,250/-

10 Marla Residential Plots

  • 10 Marla plots are offered at a total price of Rs.2,680,000/- 
  • Down Payment is offered at Rs.268,000/-
  • Confirmation is offered at Rs.134,000/-
  • 40 monthly instalments are Rs.26,000/-
  • 8 Half-yearly instalments are Rs.134,000/-

14 Marla Residential Plots

  • 14 Marla plots are offered at a total price of Rs. 3,650,000/- 
  • Down Payment is offered at Rs. 365,000/-
  • Confirmation is offered at Rs.182,500/-
  • 40 monthly instalments are Rs.36,500/-
  • 8 Half-yearly instalments are Rs.182,500/-

1 Kanal Residential Plots

  • 1 Kanal plot offered at a total price of Rs.4,800,000/- 
  • Down Payment is offered at Rs.480,000/-
  • Confirmation is offered at Rs.240,00/-
  • 40 monthly instalments are Rs.36,500/-
  • 8 Half-yearly instalments are Rs.240,000/-

2 Kanal Residential Plots

  • 2 Kanal plot is offered at a total price of Rs.7,700,000/-
  • Down payment is offered at Rs.770,000/-
  • Confirmation is offered at Rs.385,000/-
  • 40 Monthly instalments of Rs.77,000/-
  • 8 Half-yearly instalments are Rs.385,000/-

BWC Waterfront District

Following are the details about the BWC Waterfront District payment plan:


6 Marla Residential Plots

  • 6 Marla is available at a total price of Rs.2,100,000/-
  • 10 down payment is offered at Rs.175,000/-
  • Confirmation is offered at  Rs.105,000/-
  • 40 Monthly installments are Rs.21,000/-
  • 8 Half-yearly installments are Rs.122,500/-

12 Marla Residential Plots

  • 12 Marla Plot is available at a total price of Rs.3,780,000/-
  • 10% down payment is offered at Rs.315,000/-
  • Confirmation is offered at Rs.189,000/-
  • 40 Monthly installments are Rs. 37,800/-
  • 8 Half-yearly installments are Rs.220,500/-

18 Marla Residential Plots

  • 18 Marla Plot is available at a total price of Rs.5,040,000/-
  • 10% down payment is offered at Rs.420,000/-
  • Confirmation is offered at Rs.252,000/-
  • 40 Monthly installments are Rs.50,400/-
  • 8 Half-yearly installments are Rs.294,000/-

BWC Awami Block

Following are the details about the BWC Awami Block payment plan:

4.5 Kanal Residential Plots

  • 4.5 Kanal plot is offered at a total price of Rs.1,080,000/-
  • Down payment is offered at Rs.770,000/-
  • Confirmation is offered at Rs.43,750/-
  • 40 Monthly instalments of Rs.8,750/-
  • 8 Half-yearly instalments are Rs.49,219/-

First Chinese Development in Pakistan 

Blue World City grand housing venture is a flagship project of BGC and Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. The residential society is one of the biggest projects urbanised in the capital city of Pakistan.

 The housing scheme is a top-notch establishment developed by expert Chinese engineers, architects, designers and professionals. This Pak-China City has great economic value as it brings an international workforce opening new employment and business opportunities in the country.

bw13Pakistan’s First Purpose-built Tourist Destination

Blue World City is Pakistan’s first and largest purpose-built tourist destination that will give its residents experience of some World’s most famous architecture. The housing society is home to replicas of many iconic architectures, including the Rumi Statue miniature, Turkey Blue Mosque, Dubai Frame, and Burj al Arab. 

BWC has many attractions that will make the residential society a magnificent tourist destination in the coming years.

Fast Swing Development 

Blue World City’s rapid and full-swing development is one of the potent attributes that keep it at the top of the market despite all the allegations and obstacles. Blue Group of Companies is the most promising construction company in the country and has already accomplished some of the key factors of the BWC master plan.  

The housing scheme developers have completed the construction work of its Grand Entrance and 120-foot-wide Main Boulevard. The housing society has capably completed its master plans “Phase 1”, including the land clearing and plot mapping/ levelling process. 

In addition, Mr Saad Nazir has recently launched “Sports Valley” in his tourist-themed housing scheme. BGC has fulfilled all the development commitments it made with its investors, which is the biggest and most compelling reason to invest in BGC. 

CPEC Route Proximity

CPEC Route proximity is another factor, making Blue World City a great investment option. The residential society’s Economic Zone has the closest proximity to China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC route. The location of this block plays a vital role in raising the project’s market value.

Real Estate experts predict that the residential society’s Economic Zone will enhance socio-economic growth, opening enhanced business and trading opportunities through Pak-China Corridor.

World-Class Amenities 

The world-class amenities of Blue World City are the prime focus for inventors in the country and overseas. The residential society offers exceptional features and outstanding amenities, allowing its residents to experience a deluxe lifestyle. 

The housing scheme is a gated community with 24/7 surveillance ensuring high-tech security. It is loaded with dozens of unique features and exceptional amenities that include the Grand Jamia Mosque, replicas of world-famous architecture, recreational places, and an economic zone. 

The housing scheme masterplan also includes an uninterrupted supply of water, gas and electricity. The residential development is proficiently designed to provide a lavish lifestyle to the residents of the country and to 2 million Chinese individuals.

Salient Features

Below we have mentioned some of the salient features offered in the residential society:

  • Affordability
  • The Walk 
  • I-Max Cinemas
  • 5-Star Hotels
  • Jamia Mosque
  • Police Stations
  • Medical Hubs
  • Commercial Hubs
  • Gated Community
  • Water Theme Park
  • Green Environment
  • 24/7 Security System
  • Wide Carpeted Roads
  • Educational Institutions
  • Mass Transportation System
  • Blue Mosque Turkey Replica
  • International Standard Infrastructure
  • 24/7 Availability of Water, Gas, and Electricity
  • Skilled Maintenance and Management Workforce
  • Planned Sewerage Management & Waste Disposal System

Growing Commercial Hub 

Blue World City is the dream property and the most suitable place to grow your business. The residential society has become the largest growing commercial hub bursting with many potential business opportunities. 

BWC Commercial Area is also important, as it is centrally located between 208-foot-wide Orbital Avenue and the Horse Mascot. BWC has many potential business options, including high-rise buildings, Blue Mall, Blue Trade center, and 500 shops. 

The Economic Zone is also home to many luxurious local and international brands that bring the country's residents the ultimate business, shopping, leisure, and entertainment experience. Real Estate gurus considered the Saad Nazirs’ desire for a commercial complex an impressive step toward the socio-economic growth of Pakistan.  

Leading Investment Opportunity 

Blue World City is the most suitable approach for investors to raise their standards and earn maximum profits. The residential society has been the prime focus of many potential buyers for almost 24 after its operations started in 1998. 

BWC has become the leading investment opportunity because of its wide range of property options, which includes residential/commercial plots, luxury apartments, malls, shops, villas, and farmhouses. 

The housing scheme possesses all the potent qualities that make it a high-yielding investment option, including prime location, affordability, commercial zone, and excellent amenities. Many property experts believe the BWC file’s price will double in the coming year because of its proximity to the CPEC route, which will enormously benefit its owner. 

Highest Returns on Investment (ROIs)

Blue World City is the most iconic Pak-China development aiming to become the 1st Purpose-Built Tourist Destination in the country. The residential society is the first private development initiative with many overseas funders and Chinese investors. Property tycoons firmly believe that BWC files are a solid asset for any investor earning a 95 % return on investment (ROI) in three years. 


Blue World City is a major-worth project developed by well-known and reputed urban planners Blue Group of Companies. The residential society is at the prime location Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2) next to Chakri Interchange and the Newly Proposed Ring Road. 

This blog gave our readers “13 reasons to invest in Blue World City” to earn maximum profits. Real estate specialist Sky Marketing is the most authentic dealer of Blue World City Islamabad.

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